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Thoughts on well-being in the legal profession: The importance of promoting mental health in high-demand environments

Thoughts on well-being in the legal profession: The importance of promoting mental health in high-demand environments

Valentina Yani Guven, Attorney in the Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation Department of Roca Junient

When I entered Women in the Legal World (hereinafter, “WLWI could hardly have imagined the exciting intellectual and emotional adventure I was embarking on, first as a partner and then as a department head. young man. This sector consists of 140 faqihs under the age of 35. The number has doubled in recent years. Our goal is to provide references to the community, shedding light on people and institutions. After all, societies are defined by the models they follow.

Our short term goal is to have a Intergenerational synergy between partners big And Young To add value to each of the thirteen working committees that make up the WLW.

that it swapWe, the partners Youngwe are inspired by the path of the members the elderlyimposing characters in the present scene, who act confidently in themselves (they say, the admiration you feel for a person is no more than your anticipated potential), and are thus enriched by learning from Youngand its innovative character and transformative potential. It is a duty and a challenge for all to achieve the harmony that allows us to create a shared vision based on our dreams.

We strongly believe in the project and That we all have a common mission, vision and goal has been the key to success. We’ve all been generous with our time and energy, taking our personal time to continue building something we believe in.

As lawyers, sometimes, everyday processes, tasks, and problems make us lose height. Think only about the urgent things, not the important things. If we are not aware, there is a risk that the decisions we make will cause us to lose our way and be pulled down by the current. It is very easy to lose focus, especially when we are in very demanding environments that require us to do our best every day, which means that we are always under a lot of pressure.

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For this reason, from WLW, we have implemented Workshops promoting the importance of mental health. I would like to highlight the session that took place in the premises of the Spanish Chamber of Deputies on the well-known imposter syndrome (which is very popular due to the fact that women of the stature of Michelle Obama or Angela Merkel have suffered from it).

In this session, we learned that the term imposter syndrome originated in 1978 following research by two psychologists: Pauline Klass and Suzanne Ames, and that it currently affects 85% of the population.

Women with this syndrome have problems internalizing and accepting their accomplishments, he’s lucky autoboycottalways doubting their potential and abilities, With the feeling that they do not deserve their success, which they attribute to luck or chance, but not to their merits. This lack of confidence can spill over from the professional realm to the personal level.

In session, thanks to WLW, we received mental, physical and spiritual training to deactivate the “Trickster” voice, as well as a demo session with simple and straightforward training. As Sheryl Sandberg, known for being the Meta’s No. 2 female director through 2022, says in her most famous book: «Women internalize the negative messages we receive throughout our lives, the messages that say it’s wrong to be blunt, blunt, and forceful. My argument is that getting rid of these internal barriers is crucial to gaining strength in an increasingly competitive society.“.

The importance of mental health in the work and education environment is increasingly recognized, as it has been shown to significantly affect performance and productivity. Work pressure and stress, in addition to burnout, can have a negative impact on people’s mental health, which can translate into a decrease in performance and job satisfaction.

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Therefore, it is implemented by many companies and educational institutions Mental health and wellness programs for your staff and students. These programs may include therapy, meditation, yoga, recreational activities, and other tools to help people manage stress and promote mental health.

Indeed, in the educational field, the need to train students for well-being is increasing, so that they can manage their physical and mental health. At IE, they created the Center for Health, Wellbeing, and Happiness, which runs workshops, events, and programs on topics such as resilience, empathy, or mindfulness.

In short, I consider it necessary to promote this type of initiative that provides tools for confidence in one’s abilities and the possibility of having a fulfilling personal life and a successful professional career. Mental well-being is essential for sustained and satisfactory performance in work and educationTherefore, it is important that businesses and educational institutions take steps to support the mental health of their employees and students. It is critical to prioritize mental health to improve functioning. A happier person will do better (and in a more sustainable way in the long run, since a professional career should be seen as a marathon, not as a the enemy).