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Doctorate in Marine Science from ENAP Renewal of eligible registration

Doctorate in Marine Science from ENAP Renewal of eligible registration


The Doctorate in Marine Sciences was received from the Almirante Padilla Naval Cadet School, Maritime University of Colombia, on December 11 of this year, The decision of the Ministry of National Education through which the eligible registration for the program is renewed and amended for a period of seven years.

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Andrés Fernando Orejareña Rondon, PhD Coordinator in Marine Sciences, “This achievement will continue to impact marine science in the country, providing new knowledge for our Colombian maritime region,” he stated.

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The Doctoral Program in Marine Sciences is offered in agreement with the Jorge Tadeo Lozano Foundation of the University of Bogota, the National University of Colombia, the University of Antioquia, the University of Magdalena, the University of Valle, the University of the North, and the Colombian Ocean. The Commission and INVEMAR, strengthening institutional commitment to The Maritime School, as a university, has a positive impact on the economic and social transformation of the region and the country, through training and generating high-level knowledge in marine sciences.

Since its first qualified registration in 2010, the program has contributed to training and developing the scientific research capabilities of its students, All have huge potential for social impact due to their strong links with the maritime sector.

In terms of challenges, the PhD in Marine Science aims to train, maintain and promote high-level researchers in the coastal marine sector of the country. With this renovation, it became the Almirante Padilla Naval School The Maritime University of Colombia endorses the trust to continue promoting relevant and scientifically accurate presentation For doctoral training in marine sciences.

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