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Ribera launches Minds, an emotional wellness program

Digital emotional wellness program, Minds.

Ribera started the Minds game, a private digital emotional well-being program, with constant monitoring by a therapist. In this way, it allows you to be constantly monitored by a specialist and to benefit from numerous emotional support resources 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Minds are born with the intention of responding to a The growing demand for mental health care Personal, professional and online, as a result of the Covid pandemic. Through this emotional well-being program, which can be accessed through a mobile application, a patient can contact a therapist for video consultations and communicate via chat.

The user can also access a file Resources needed at all times, in audio format or with guided exercises and techniques, to help you overcome anxiety, sadness or loneliness. These feelings, along with stress, sleep, or issues with eating, are some of the most common when seeking help.

What is the added value of brains?

What distinguishes Minds from other psychological support services is the constant monitoring by the therapist, with the guarantee of the Ribera Health Group, that we suggest Personal path for each case‘, explained Belen Vazquez, a collective health psychologist.

Vásquez emphasized that “you don’t have to have a serious problem going back to minds, because we also help many people who You are going through a difficult situation Or they feel they are in a very bad mood.”

for this part, Lucia Fernandez Risco, who is also a health psychologist at Ribera, emphasized that “in Minds, the therapist reviews and personalizes the content of emotional support that is given to the patient daily, so that each day he progresses in acquiring or restoring the psychological skills that allow him to control or Overcome those feelings that overwhelm you“.

This personalized digital therapy software from Ribera Healthcare Group is easy to use and allows the user to access therapist-recommended materials anytime and anywhere, after installing the mobile application. Initially, the therapist performs a first assessment to determine each person’s needs. From that moment on, the user or The patient can perform video consultations In addition, you have a permanent chat at your disposal to answer your questions.

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