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This way you can contact a secure USCIS location.  What is USCIS Lockbox?

This way you can contact a secure USCIS location. What is USCIS Lockbox?

If you are an immigrant and recently arrived in the United States, you may not yet be familiar with the term USCIS Lockbox. Here we explain what it's all about.

USCIS Lockbox is a fully secure facility used to process immigration petitions filed by mail. You should know that there are many reasons to request its use.

To contact one of these centers, you must follow the appropriate procedures. Likewise, you need to understand when and why to contact them.

Reasons to Contact USCIS Lockbox

Shipment tracking is among the reasons to contact USCIS Lockbox. Here it refers to an application or petition to USCIS by mail, and if the purpose is to verify the status of the shipment.

For example, in some cases USCIS requests additional documents to complete a process. Therefore, you need to know the exact address of the USCIS lockbox in case you need to mail them.

Another reason to contact USCIS Lockbox is if you have changed your address or other relevant information after submitting your application. If so, it is important to notify USCIS as soon as possible through a safe location.

Meanwhile, another reason to contact USCIS Lockbox is to get more information about the denial of your application.

The same thing happens if you mailed your petition before 30 business days and USCIS did not process your credit card payment. USCIS may not file your check or money order.

You can send email to contact USCIS Secure Location [email protected]. Currently USCIS There are four safe deposit box locations: Chicago; Elgin, Illinois; Phoenix; and Lewisville, Texas. In some cases you can communicate by phone, although only in very specific cases.