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This is the type of narcissist who believes he cannot learn from anyone.

This is the type of narcissist who believes he cannot learn from anyone.

Everything should be in the Lord's vineyard, but with some people living or working together is more complicated. one of appearance The thing that causes us the most problems at work, but also in the family, groups of friends and neighboring communities is the typical problem smart assthe intelligent, all-knowing one who dictates camelto express Views Which no one asked for or gave Requests.

That idiot who takes advantage of decent people and skips the toll line, who joins at the last minute, who never does and waits for Bizum, who always has a great idea to become a millionaire and who talks to you formally about bulls and lettuce and international politics and microbiology, that sort of thing, Without effort.

This profile is usually specific to the person who He overestimates his own abilities. I don't think there are a few of them. A study reported that seventy out of every hundred people believe Smarter than other people While only two out of every hundred people are actually well above average. You know, dear readers, given what I've seen, it seems to me that there are as few as seventy out of a hundred.

they think summit, Presidentsextra readyextra Handsomeextra tastyPlus everything like that in general.

Furthermore, this file usually does not learn anything from it expertise. Of course, they are so smart that they don't need to learn anything, and when they fail at something, it is usually due to someone else's fault or life circumstances. And for this very reason, because they think they live surrounded by Boriyas, they usually don't listen to it much. Well because they think everyone is dumber than them and they know everything too, and also because of implanted science. Yes they are too complicated.

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Which Profile with narcissistic traits It tends to simplify reality so much and is so heavy, that we always end up giving it away a reason Until they shut up and stop giving you crap. With a reality simplified to the extreme and completely extracted from outside of it ContextLogically, you cannot argue with them, and if for a moment it occurs to you to enter into that swampy area of ​​​​exchange of ideas, do not hesitate to put such an idea out of your head. You listen to an intelligent person, and do not discuss, respond, or object.

“I encourage you to never stop

He learns

. Don't magnify your achievements and give them their fair measure. to what

He listens

to what


Because you question everything – and ask yourself – «

Thomas Navarro


Without the ability to learn, without acceptance, without the desire to go into details and simplify everything, it is very difficult to work or live with them. Did you have anyone close? Did you suffer from it? Yes, This profile of people suffers. We have no choice.

When someone suffers it is because he or she has turned out to be a person Sam's profileWhich intoxicates, which complicates the day, which breaks i.e harmony, to request And prom.

Sometimes we have to endure it at work, sometimes as a brother-in-law at family barbecues, sometimes in the neighborhood community, at the gym, in a group of friends or even at home.

“What are you going to tell me when I don't already know!”… a phrase that many children have heard from their parents when they try to teach them something to improve their lives.

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never stop learning

I am more than a learner, learner and learner. To pay attention, to get to the details, to humbly accept my flaws and work to be better. But perhaps I am a curious specimen, a “rara avis” that wanders the world in search of other members of the same species.

I encourage you to never stop He learns. Don't magnify your achievements and give them their fair measure. to what He listensto what Watching Because you question everything – and ask yourself -. Life is so complex and contains so many subtleties and nuances that it takes us a lifetime to realize that what we know is only a small percentage of all we have left to learn.

As we have learned and reflected, one day I learned that the best thing for mental health and emotional well-being is… Remove smart people from your lifeAs much as possible.

You can discover other tips from Tomás Navarro (@thomasnavaroopsie on Instagram) to set limits on people who hurt us in their work.”Your red lines'. Also, you can read other articles by Tomas Navarro in ABC Bienestar here.