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The province and the Council of Economic Professionals analyze the 2024 tax law

The province and the Council of Economic Professionals analyze the 2024 tax law

Within the framework of approving Law No. 14244 (Tax 2024), the Ministry of Economy and the Council of Professionals in Economic Sciences held a meeting in the city of Santa Fe, which was reactivated after 4 consecutive years without interactions between the organizations and the development of the council’s headquarters located in the capital of the province. In this context, both the text of the tax law and the way the tax credit was presented were analyzed, allowing companies and service providers the possibility of taking 25% of what was paid to reimburse the total income. In addition, the need to create and strengthen a channel for dialogue, to enrich both parties, was highlighted on the basis of the tax needs that arise, as well as the amendments and new tax offers that must be made.

Gifts and balance

The meeting was attended by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Revenue in the region, Florencio Galindez. API Santa Fe Regional Director, Sebastian Estrobia; President of the Graduate School of Professionals in Economic Sciences, Dario Mejias; Its Vice President, Viviana Toledo; Rosario College is represented by Horacio De Paulo.
“One of the main administrative goals that we have set for ourselves is to resume dialogue with various institutions and intermediary entities,” Galindez explained, then added that “the intention is to come together and talk about the different points we have in common regarding tax.” The policy that the territorial government moves forward with, in this way is able to provide predictability to taxpayers and professionals.

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