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This is the new points system for working in Germany

This is the new points system for working in Germany

The German government has introduced a new points system for those who want to immigrate to the country, based on factors such as vocational training, age and language skills.

According to T.W.The idea is that qualified workers move into the country, taking into account a series of criteria that give them points to benefit from the program.

In this category, they note that people under 35 get three points, fluent German gets three points, and English gets one point.

Other considerations that are evaluated to get the applicant points are “and if you already have a connection to Germany or have a job offer.”

According to Report, “Those who score at least 6 points get a visa, but not always. First you have to find a job”.

The German government’s goal is to encourage legal immigration of foreign workers, and they hope to bring in at least 60,000 each year.

In essence, the total number of points will determine whether applicants can work in Germany with an “Opportunity Card” or “Sanskarte”.


According to EuronewsCitizens of some countries with visa agreements can already enter Germany without the need for a visa for 90 days, but are only allowed to accept short-term employment.

However, the chance card or opportunity This will allow you to look for a job or internship in Germany instead of applying from abroad.

At this time, all the details of the scheme are not formalized, but the opportunity card is expected to be available in 2023. If you don’t have options to move to the US or Spain, that’s another option you can evaluate. And you can go prepared.

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Some of them Jobs are requested At this time by the federal government of Germany: geriatric nurse, software developer, engineer and medical assistant.