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Mangan of Pace to Mayor of New York

Mangan of Pace to Mayor of New York

NEW YORK—New York Mayor Eric Adams has spent months criticizing the governors of Texas and Florida for sending thousands of immigrants to New York, according to the US publication Politico, 14 to Texas.

In total, New York sent 114 families from various cities in the United States and one family from other countries in the United States to China during that period, at a total cost of $50,000.

Politico acknowledges that this number dwarfs the nearly 79,000 immigrants who came to New York, or the thousands that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent to the Big Apple.

“But the fact that New York City paid for trips to Republican strongholds could further stoke national tensions over an issue sure to affect both congressional elections and President Joe Biden’s re-election bid,” the release warns.

Two days ago, New York officials insisted the city was investing millions of dollars in streamlining the asylum application process for immigrants arriving at a rate of 2,000 a week without federal aid. Their basic needs should be met.

Several officials from the mayor’s office indicated that a recently announced asylum-seeking assistance center will soon open to provide free legal services to these newcomers, most of whom are Latin American and in many cases non-English speaking, with the goal of expediting them. Obtaining a work permit.

Anne Williams-Ison, head of local health and social services, revealed last week that more than 2,200 migrants had arrived at the public accommodation system, which includes 174 places – many in emergencies, hotels or school gymnasiums – and promised they would come. About 2,000 per week on a “steady” rhythm.

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The city currently has about 98,400 people in that system, including the local homeless and 48,700 immigrants commonly described as asylum seekers, though few have actually begun the administrative process to obtain that status. Because public substitution is slow and very limited, the new center seeks to mitigate it.

The immigration crisis began last summer, when Republican politicians ruled out bus shipments from southern US states, particularly Texas, but recently worsened with the end of the Title 42 border policy, which blocked their passage for health reasons.