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This is the most complete cardiovascular exercise (among other things), according to experts

Strength training has many benefits both of them Fixed level Likes healthBecause it is allowed Tone And Muscle strengthening. However, we often forget the most important thing in the body: heart. So, it turns out Basic Which we also practice regularly Cardiovascular exercise. “There's no doubt about that Cardio exercises They are both unusual reduction he Fat level accumulated in Belly And others Body parts As for Improve the state Follower Cardiovascular system“Explanation of the experts at the Fitness Tech sports equipment store.

Is it a good idea to do cardio every day?

You can do cardio every day and you'll get the benefits of this type of training, but you also run the risk of it Body saturation In this case, it will be Harmful. Therefore, everything depends on Introductory account to everyone And from Exercise intensity To find the Perfect balance. In this sense, A. said: junior You will have to go Little by little And a expert You can practice it with Greater continuityalthough equally responsible.

“For someone who has been following him for a while Workout procedures via FixedDoing cardio daily can be a good choiceas long as that is the case Mild intensity to Moderate And the Duration be among 30 And 45 minutes. We must not forget that the body needs rest Tissue regeneration“, detailed from Fitness technology.

What is the most complete cardiovascular exercise?

There is a wide range of cardiovascular exercises you can do depending on your condition Tastesfor you Capabilities and yours needs. Among the most complete is that jump to pregnancyMoreover, it is Easy to do And Very funny. As the personal trainer explains Carla Rudder in your account InstagramThis activity helps Improve coordinationdecrease Risk of injury (especially in the ankles and feet), burns a lot of calories (up to 1,300 per hour), and takes care of Cardiovascular health It improves efficiency breathing.

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The best jump rope to burn calories

there Different techniques to Jump ropeBut as the coach pointed out Gerard Rodriguez in your account Tik TokIt is important to start practicing what is closest to you level. “I'll assume a Interesting calorie expenditure In addition, he adds, reducing the infection rate. So, if you just master Basic jumpyou should just do it before Try it with others. Once you master it, you'll be able to perform some of the best jump ropes Burning calories. According to the expert, they are as follows:

  • Hop jump: consists in Raise your knees via alternative While jumping rope.
  • Cross jump: It's the same as before, but you have to do it Crossing the rope With the arms When jumping.
  • Double jumps: Every time you lift your feet off the ground, the… pregnancy It must happen twice Below them.

Other cardio exercises are very effective

In addition to jumping rope, there are others Cardiovascular exercise very effective. On the channel Youtube to Loversan online training platform, offers a Intense routine to Six minutes With many of them. In addition, we also suggest others complete What can you do? Make at home To lose weight.

A very complete cardio exercise you should do: burpees

“It's about A Absolutely complete workoutBecause it allows a large number of muscles to work,” they highlight Burpee from Fitview FitnessSports equipment store. As we saw on the channel Youtube to Athletics ForumTo do it you must stand Squatting And He supported in it floor With the the hands And with advice Follower foot. From there, give a Jump back, jump back to Legs stretch. the next, Perform push-upshold for a few seconds and then return to Initial position. Finally, give a Vertical jump As loud as you can.

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With skiers you will improve the health of your cardiovascular system

On the channel Youtube to Exercises at home They know how to do it Skatersalso called Skaters. Begins Hand support in it floor At the peak shoulder And Leg stretch From this side to one side while keeping the other I reviewed. Duties Switch this position Jump from side to side. “that it Absolutely complete workout And its movement Demanding for him Cardiovascular system“, they point out from the sports center Galerna.

Burn fat with climbers, a very effective cardio exercise

the Climbersalso known as Mountain climbersThey are too effective To burn fat. “In this exercise, Core muscles And from Legsespecially Thigh muscles And the Ass“, I point out to the online gym experts Belonga. On the channel Youtube to Best cycling They show in slow motion how it's done. from Plank positiondownload one knee At the peak Chestlater returned to Stretching Repeat with the other man.