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This is the golden rule

This is the golden rule


Applications that we do not use can become the target of attack by cybercriminals

With the constant use of a cell phone, it is normal that as the weeks go by we have many applications installed, many of which are unused. Something that should not be a problem in theory, but some of these applications may be hacked and Become a gateway for cybercriminals.

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Cybersecurity experts, such as Kaspersky, suggest a simple solution through which one can avoid being hacked and spied on Reduce the risk that our privacy and security will be affected by a platform we don't use. The measure is called: one a day.

How the “one a day” rule works.

As the months go by, it is common for us to download different applications on our mobile phones, but the reality is that many of them are forgotten after using them once and we never go back to them. The accumulation of these applications does not only take up storage spacebut it can also have serious consequences for our privacy and data integrity.

First, these apps often contain permissions that, if granted and then forgotten, can pose a risk to our privacy. Additionally, some of these apps may be running in the background, consuming valuable resources such as memory and battery power. But the most worrying thing is that many of them may be outdated, abandoned by their developers and You are exposed to security vulnerabilities that are never patched.

Against this background, experts have proposed a simple but effective solution: the “one a day” rule. The goal is clear: Freeing our devices from those applications that we have not used for months This may pose a risk to the health of our devices and the security of our data.
How to find out which apps are least used

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By downloading so many applications, it is possible that we do not even know that some of them exist. So to find those applications that we do not use or that we access little and have enough information to remove them, we leave step by step to see that list.


1. Open Google Play Store.

2. Click on the icon with our image.

3. Select the Manage device and apps option.

4. Go to the second tab: Administration.

5. Filter the list by clicking on the icon on the right side (three lines).

6. Sort the list by least used.

internal control Department

1. Go to settings

2. Find the Screen Time option

3. Enter Show all activities below the chart.

4. A list of your most used apps will appear at the bottom, so just scroll down.

In this tool, it is only possible to see the list of the last two weeks. So these apps do not appear there because we did not open them during that period.

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