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Wasn't it a fantasy?  Scientists confirm that our ancestors coexisted with dinosaurs – Teach me about science

Wasn't it a fantasy? Scientists confirm that our ancestors coexisted with dinosaurs – Teach me about science

Can you imagine what our world would be like if humans shared the Earth with dinosaurs?
This question, which has intrigued scientists and paleontology enthusiasts for years, may be one step closer to being answered.

Recent scientific developments have revealed Surprising results About our ancestors and the possibility of their coexistence with these majestic prehistoric creatures.

A recent scientific study It has revealed an amazing event about our ancestors and their relationship with dinosaurs. Through careful analysis of the fossil record of placental mammals, which includes Humansresearchers obtained answers to a question that sparked long discussions in the scientific community.

Contrary to what was previously thought, evidence has been found indicating A Coexist briefly But it's true among our ancestors and the majestic dinosaurs, before Mass extinction That changed the course of life in Land.

The study was published in a prestigious journal Current biologyProvides a new perspective on the chronology of placental mammals and their relationship to placental mammals A catastrophic event marked the end of the age of dinosaurs.

The researchers used sophisticated statistical techniques to analyze thousands of fossils and Reconstructing the evolutionary history of these mammals. Their conclusions challenge previous theories and invite us to rethink how our ancestors shared the planet Prehistoric creatures.

For this reason, researchers collected a large number of fossils of placental mammals and were able to observe the patterns of emergence and extinction of different groups, as he explained. Emily Carlisle, lead author of the study and a member of the University of Bristol's School of Earth Sciences.

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From this information, they were able to make estimates about when Placental mammals.

By learning about different families of placental mammals, including Primates (our species), lagomorphs (rabbits and hares), and carnivores (dogs and cats)Scientists have shown that these groups evolved before the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

This coexistence is attributed to Lack of competition between dinosaursallowing placental mammals to diversify and evolve in a world previously dominated by placental mammals Giant reptiles.

The model the researchers used allowed them to estimate Original eras Based on when lineages first appear in the fossil record, as well as patterns of species diversity over time. This was shared by Daniele Silvestro, co-author of the study and from the University of Freiburg.

However, the researchers also reported that fossils of placental mammals from that period exist Few and small, making it difficult to determine exactly what our ancestors looked like at that time.

These new discoveries provide us with… A fascinating insight into how our ancestors made their way in an environment inhabited by dinosaurs.

Although there are still unknowns about exactly what our ancestors were like at that time, these findings rewrite part of the history of life on Earth and bring us a little closer to understanding our evolutionary past.

We will continue to explore and reveal the secrets of our past on a fascinating journey scientific reseach.

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