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Things you didn’t know about this mansion in Havana

Things you didn’t know about this mansion in Havana

A Mansion in Havana It went viral on social media after the ad was released for sale for two million dollars.

This “bargain” release is carried out by the user Abelardo Diaz, Selling a House in USD Facebook group. The alleged middleman removed the ad from social networks, but Cuban word of mouth could not prevent the mansion from being renamed. “Two Million House”.

Things you didn’t know about this mansion in Havana

The house is located in 92nd Street No. 508, between 5th Avenue and 5th A, in the beautiful Miramar neighborhood, in the municipality of Playa. Although isolated from the bustling city center, this location is perfect for the powerful as it is surrounded by restaurants, shopping areas, business centers and refined entertainment options.

web Architecture Cuba He explained that the building was a project from the 1940s. It was in charge of a Cuban architect Manuel Rivero MagnonBut neither the name of its first owner nor the identity of the current owners of the property has been released.

In the 1960s, most Cuban mansions They were confiscated by the communist government. Their owners were exiled and the government occupied these houses and assigned them various uses.

Some were given to new political leaders, “generals and doctors”, while others became diplomatic residences Public institutionsDaycare centers, offices, museums etc.

Image capture on VIP Le Blanc website

This house was once rented out Luxury boutique hotel: VIP Le Blanc. A website promoting tourism in Cuba is active.

They promise that the house has a swimming pool, three bars and a restaurant with special staff to serve cocktails, parties and dinners. In addition, room service, a safe, a private chef and other amenities are available.

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Image capture on VIP Le Blanc website

Attempts to sell this house on social networks have been reported since 2022 Alex Ottola dedicated one of his Programs for this mansion.

He promised that the property Abraham MassicksA governing body and building associated with the management of the BALCO business group is the “basic mechanism”, so no one can obtain it without directly negotiating with the state.

Not known yet There is no legal document showing who owns it of this mansion in Havana.

One user took to social media to warn potential buyers to move to Miramar “Frozen Zone” And to live in the most refined neighborhood in Cuba requires permission from the Central Committee of the Communist Party.