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They will promote science from childhood – El Sol de Tlaxcala

They will promote science from childhood – El Sol de Tlaxcala

Leading children from an early age in creating science and technology projects, will be part of the STEM Olympiad promoted by the Secretary of State for Public Education (Sepe), a strategy that will favor the professions in this branch, revealed the owner Homero Meneses Hernández.

by the end of this month, The invitation will be issued to public and private schools for basic and secondary education So students who are in high school can give advice to kids who are in preschool or elementary school so they can develop projects, he explained.

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Minneso Hernandez He pointed out that a few days ago, the strategy was presented, which he described as strong in promoting science and will be similar to the work carried out by the Directorate General of Education, Industrial Technology and Services. (Dgeti) through its secondary centers known as Cbtis and Cetis.

He pointed out that Students from public and private schools in the country can participateThus, the call will be open to all those interested in promoting scientific projects.

The Minister of Education explained that Before the implementation of the STEM Olympiad, the unit is closer to the secondary level, Mainly at scientific publishing events in order to promote the strategy and attract interested parties.

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In the 25th National Competition for Prototypes and Entrepreneurship Projects 2023, carried out by Dgeti in the state stage and based in Huamantla, Meneses Hernández invited the students of this educational subsystem to be mentors for pre-school or elementary school students So that their prototyping work doesn’t stay with them and they can share and engage more Tlaxcalans.

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sign to This work will promote science professions in the state and country and therefore there will be greater links with the students of Cbtis and Cetis schools.and they are the ones who have made the greatest progress in the development of scientific and technological work.

In addition to Promoting science, technology, art and culture, they must also develop community-based ideasthen young people must take advantage of their individual training to have an impact on social well-being.

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revealed that Instructed by Governor Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros, they will seek to integrate the entire educational sector of Tlaxcalathat is, out of 34,000 workers in this sector serving 469,000 students at all educational levels, to determine their areas of work, whether in the classroom or in society.

finally, He emphasized that they want scientific girls in Tlaxcala, and then the Stem Olympiad will be the link to make it happen.

term Yanbuabbreviated in English, refers to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Hence, they intend to promote scholarly advocacy in the entity.