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They will make a movie about a Cuban who comes to Miami on a kitesurf board

They will make a movie about a Cuban who comes to Miami on a kitesurf board

Cuban Pablo Mantilla, who arrived in Miami on a windsurfing board in May 2022, announced to the local press that he was making a film about his story.

speaks Cube now The emigrant announced that a film was being prepared “about my life in Cuba and the whole voyage at sea.” “I’m speechless every day,” he said of his current life in America.

Mandila said the film will be produced in English with “high-quality actors” and a “resident producer in Hollywood” working for Netflix.

Cuban lived at the entrance to Varadero at Boca Camarioca, 100m “near the beach”. As he said, he headed north from the toll plaza Maha’s house.

“I may have come on a ship found, but I know the sea, they call me ‘Aquaman,’ and I do Kite surfing Since 2014,” he said.

Regarding how he prepared for the dangerous trip to Florida, he noted that he wore a “bright green quilt” so that a rescue team could find him if necessary.

Two people knew what he was going to do. Someone helped him with the kite, photographed it and sent it to another person living in America. “If I don’t come at night, something will happen,” he warned them.

A film about a Cuban with a windsurfing board in Miami

Mandela, who defines himself as a “pro”, promised on the TV show that he would “not recommend to anyone now” what he did.

He also stated that the board he used for his trip was bought in Cuba for $2000 and he used that application for the trip. Osmond “It works in airplane mode.”

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“No matter how you put the phone, the program will work because you download the maps here with the Internet, and it will work there,” he clarified.