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They reported 50 immigrants being kidnapped on a highway in northern Mexico

They reported 50 immigrants being kidnapped on a highway in northern Mexico

Leader of the National Federation of Mexican Carriers (CONATRAM), Jose Luis López Hernandez, It reported the kidnapping of 50 immigrants and two drivers who were on a bus heading to the north of the country, according to various Mexican media.

San Luis Potosi authorities issued a statement confirming that it is Cooperating with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Nuevo León to investigate the discovery of a busBut they did not give details and did not mention the missing or abducted.

Hernandez told the newspaper Globalism That the unit left Tapachula, Chiapas, on Monday for the state of Nuevo León, and disappeared during its journey.

He indicated that after the report submitted by the transport company to the National Guard, I was able to find the bus at the borders of San Luis Potosi and Nuevo Leónbut there is no trace of the passengers.

Lopez said she later received a call demanding a ransom of $1,500 per person.

Authorities are investigating the discovery of a bus

The San Luis Potosi State Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement on Tuesday evening stating that they are cooperating with the State of Nuevo León, “regarding the discovery of a passenger van that was found.”

“During this day, Tuesday, May 16, the Monterrey authorities informed their colleagues in San Luis Potosi that such a unit had been found, which apparently was transporting migrants,” the statement said.

However, the state authorities do not mention anything about a possible abduction or the whereabouts of the passengers.

Last April, it was reported that 51 migrants were kidnapped while passing through Mathwala, and after an operation, the authorities managed to release 105 people, including 96 of other nationalities.

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