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Cuban policeman returns his missing bag with $8,000

A strange fact that places the protagonist, these days, as a Cuban policeman. It turns out that the public order agent returned a briefcase with $8,000.00 to the owners. Money and other belongings went missing at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana last week.

The “victims of oblivion” were Cubans, a married couple, who do not reside in the country for work reasons. Just on that day of being lost, they arrived in Cuba to visit their relatives and spend their vacations.

The policeman found a black bag containing money, personal effects and miscellaneous items while on his tour of the CADECA grounds. He immediately took the belongings to the police station to notify the owners.

At the time of the official return, the victims of oblivion were very grateful to the police. They never thought they could get the money back or their possessions back. “It is a truth worthy of imitation by all agents of public order in Cuba and the world,” the couple pointedly commented.

More than 60 items are returned in 2023

So far in 2023, more than 60 missing items have been returned at Havana International Airport itself. In most cases, passengers leave their items in the check-in or seat areas or in the Exchange House (CADECA) of the terminal.

Lost luggage, which is later found by agents of local security or the police themselves, is kept in a store. Only minutes later travelers are notified. Returns are made after verifying the identity of the owners.

Another event similar to the last one occurred last February. The customs officer returned the money lost by a passenger. It was about $180.00 USD 35 EUR 2000 CUP. Obviously, the budget owner thanked the airport worker for the gesture.

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