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They mistakenly receive parole letters in Miami.  Recipients are sought

They mistakenly receive parole letters in Miami. Recipients are sought

Parole letters sent to Cuban recipients by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were lost and mistakenly delivered to a Cuban immigrant’s address in Miami. Yenis Gómez González, who received these letters, turned to social media in search of the real recipients.

The curious turn of events became known through the Facebook group “I220A with Cuban adjustment cut-off date”, where Yenis Gómez González shared her experience. Letters containing parole information were addressed to Imelda Gómez Guzmán and Eduardo Pérez Gómez, but they unexpectedly arrived in Yenise’s mailbox.

Parole for I220-A

These parole letters are believed to have been issued to immigrants who entered the U.S. through the border with an I220-A visa, which has been shrouded in uncertainty in recent times. Some members of the group expressed their confusion over the situation and stressed the importance of not opening other people’s letters, as this could have legal implications.

The incident comes amid an unexpected change in parole policy for Cubans. In late October, some Cubans with a Form I-220A (Parole Order) began receiving interim parole from ICE without requesting it, which would allow them to apply for residency under the Cuban Adjustment Act. However, no official order has been established to determine who is eligible to receive this document.

Since January 2023, data provided by the Joe Biden administration indicates that more than 52,000 Cubans have been authorized to travel to the United States under the humanitarian parole program. In addition, Cubans are increasingly crossing land borders to seek political asylum in the United States.

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