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They imply that Pique is unfaithful to Clara and reveal her reaction

They imply that Pique is unfaithful to Clara and reveal her reaction

The Spanish press reported that the former defender was not faithful to the girl with whom he replaced Shakira.

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marty Becoming a couple of the moment since ex player Separate from Shakira. Now in the last few hours it has been revealed that the former player was unfaithful to his new partner.

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Jordi Martin, the paparazzi who closely followed Gerard Pique, revealed that the former Barcelona player was not loyal to Clara Xia and also pointed to the girl’s reaction.

Jordi Martin is one of the paparazzi who was aware of all the details that happen in the story between Shakira, Pique and Clara Xia. It was he himself who announced that the former partner was experiencing a crisis and there were rumors about a possible breakup.

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With the release of Shakira and Carol G’s song called TQGMartin took the opportunity to give new details about what happened between Clara and Pique.

Jordi Martín asserted that Pique had been unfaithful to Clara Xia when they had just begun their romantic relationship and declared that he could not reveal the name of the woman with whom he had cheated on the young Spaniard, because he “wanted anonymity”.

According to the Spanish press, when Clara found out about her husband’s infidelity antiquities He “took it so bad” that he decided to leave the former Barcelona player’s lavish apartment.

According to the photographers, Clara Shea It is almost forced Gerrard Pique for posting their first photo together on his account instagramBecause he asked him to give him his place in front of everyone.

To fix things and not lose his new love, Pique decides to publish his first photo with her and does it almost out of obligation, because the young woman would have given him an ultimatum that she was tired of making fun of everyone.

The reporter confirmed that this is a latent fear of the young woman, because she knows it at any moment antiquities He could be insincere, as he did with Shakira.

Pique was not faithful to Clara and the girl’s reaction was so angry that she left the room. However, the former defender shared a picture with his new partner and she forgave him.

At the time, it was also said that Clara was in the hospital due to an anxiety attack and it was the paparazzi who came out to deny this fact, saying that he knew a lot of things that Xia didn’t want him to know.

Pique never stops posting about his private life.

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