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They identify the last person missing from the crash in Miami

They identify the last person missing from the crash in Miami

(CNN) – Miami-Tate Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa said Monday that the last person missing from the southern slope of the Champlain Towers in Surface, Florida, has been accounted for and his family has been notified.

At a news conference this afternoon, Mayor Levin Kawa said 98 people have already been identified, including 97 who have been rescued from the slump and one who has died at the hospital. 98 families have been notified and 97 bodies of the missing have been recovered. A total of 242 people are counted in this place.

“In the early hours of June 24, as everyone remembers, the Miami-Tate fire brigade arrived south of the Champlain Towers to deal with an unthinkable tragedy, and it is the largest emergency response unrelated to hurricanes in our state’s history,” said Mayor Levin Cava. “In the 33 days since then, first responders from Miami-Tate, state, country and around the world have worked tirelessly to rescue victims of the collapse and bring us closer to the families and loved ones of those who lost.”

The victim has not yet been identified as Estelle Hedia. His family was at peace until this Monday.

Although all of the missing victims have been identified, “the Miami-Tate Police Department continues to search and recover the resource pile to ensure the recovery of all identifiable human remains,” Mayor Levin Kawa said.

“We cannot take back these 90 angels who left their grieving families, dear friends, and loved ones in this community and around the world,” said Mayor Levin Kawa. “But we have done everything we can to close families. Through these tireless efforts, I am proud that we have finally been able to cover up all those who reported missing loved ones.”

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Mayor Levine Kawa took the time to thank the first responders, especially the Miami-Tate Fire Department, the Miami-Tate Police Department, the local fire departments and their national allies and the international community. “For the past 33 days, they have been looking for ruins as if they were looking for something of their own.”