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They call the oil spill in the United States a “potential environmental disaster.”

(CNN) – About 3,000 barrels of oil off the coast of Southern California – or about 126,000 gallons of post-production crude oil – is a “potential environmental disaster,” Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr said Saturday.

This Sunday morning, Orange County Superintendent Katrina Foley tweeted, “We began to find dead birds and fish on shore.”

Foley said the leak occurred about 5 miles from Huntington Beach, and oil began to reach the shores of the city of 200,000 people.

This Sunday morning, “the leak did not stop completely”, Huntington Beach mentioned in a press release. He said the initial gluing process to repair the oil spill site has been completed and “additional repair work will be attempted in the morning”.

“Currently, the oil slick is estimated at 5.8 nautical miles, and runs from Huntington Beach Bear to Newport Beach,” the statement said.

The exact cause of the leak is not yet known.

The car said U.S. Coast Guard reports indicate that the leak may have been caused by an oil spill from a marine oil production operation near Huntington Beach.

City officials said the exact cause of the leak has not been determined and the owner of the pipe is unknown. They said the Coast Guard (USCG) is investigating.

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The oil spill was first reported to the USCG just after 9 a.m. Saturday, the Coast Guard said in a statement.

Orange County Superintendent Katrina Foley said oil had begun to seep into Huntington Beach.

The Coast Guard classified the situation as a major oil spill, said Eric McCoy, chief of Huntington Coast Guard.

Huntington Coast officials are canceling the last day of the Pacific Airshow, urging people to avoid contact with dangerous areas along the Santa Ana River route, Dolbert Park and Dolbert Marsh areas, and beaches in affected areas. Oil.

CNN’s Lechel Penken contributed to this report.