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Successful Entrepreneurs: These Mexican Immigrants Came With Nothing and Found Successful Tamil Business | Univision News America

Three decades ago, Guadeloupe and Juan Manuel Santoyo decided to retreat. Mexico And cross the border United States Search for a better life. The machine that drove them was the desire to get out of poverty. They started anew, they worked tirelessly, and today, 30 years after coming “without five”, they were able to build a successful Tamil business. Angels.

“The greatest motivation is the legacy that one brings from being poor, (the desire to succeed)”, Juan Manuel says in an interview University News. “If we come here (America), we will not come to sleep because we will succeed and succeed.”

Guadeloupe adds that it is “Perseverance, Perseverance and Love” This has allowed them to succeed in the United States and make the ‘American Dream’ a reality.

Guadeloupe and Juan Manuel were left to cross their own Zakatokas US border in 1990, 31 years ago.

“Like all immigrants we came without a fifth, without documents, without a house, without a vehicle. With nothing,” says Juan Manuel.

From Street Vendor to Entrepreneur: This Hispanic succeeds in selling tamales in the United States

“We saw that this was a successful business and that the Tomatoes we created were in demand among the Latin people … We’ve been selling on the street for nine and a half years, ”he tells Univision Notices.

Juan Manuel recognizes His wife was an architect Tamals are very good because she is the one who has the recipe to protect them both with envy.

Guadeloupe simply answers: “The flavor I make in everything we cook and the love I make for it is a secret“.

Tamales to the President

These Mexican immigrants came to the country without fear of long hard days, eager to make an effort.

“Working 15 hours a day, without retreating, always with progress, a drive and an illusion, shows that one comes here to succeed,” says Juan Manuel, summarizing his life philosophy.

Juan Manuel, proud and grateful for what he has achieved, “The best thing about this page (border) is that it promises to come to work and show us how we know“And Guadeloupe adds: ‘We have reached the point where we have to thank God. “

He says if his sons later choose to expand the business they started, he will inspire them to continue and grow this family endeavor.

They both recalled a significant visit to their campus. Now the president Joe Biden When did he go about his business Moved to Los Angeles in 2019. There he met Hilda Solis, the current Los Angeles County Board Superintendent and former Labor Secretary.

He came to campaign, He took a photo with all of us, “he recalled. What is Pitan’s menu? “He ate his green chilli tamarind with his entourage,” Juan Manuel described.