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They attack Shakira because she “copied” Karol G with her song “Puntería”

They attack Shakira because she “copied” Karol G with her song “Puntería”

The latest version of “Women don't cry anymore“, the new album of Shakira, has not been exempt from some controversies. According to a large number of fans Carol JThe first song from Shakira's new album “Pontería” is a “bad version” of the song “Tusa” that was put out Karol G is at the top of the Latin music scene.

It should be noted that at the same time as the launch of “Women don't cry anymoreHe published the official video for “Pontería”, in which the Colombian appears alongside the American Cardi BAs well as actor and model Lucien Laviscount.

The video in question is distinguished by its “pop” style and aesthetics, as well as the diversity of elements and details, as mentioned by followers Carol Jvery similar to the one that the Colombian included in her 2019 audiovisual materials alongside the singer Nicki Minaj.

Did Shakira imitate Karol G?

In addition to the similarity of the visual elements between the two videos, according to various users, the new song by Shakira It also features a beat that is “very similar” to that of its theme Carol J.

Because of the above, a large group of Internet users were “accused.” Shakira To imitate his compatriot with comments such as: “It looks more like Karol G's Tusa video”, “I imitate Karol G in everything”, “Shakira left her originality a long time ago”, “This is not the same Shakira as always.”, among others. .

It is worth noting that after the release of “Tusa”, Carol J She has achieved greater prominence on the global music scene to the point where she has positioned herself as one of the hottest emerging singers of the moment. In the same way, this song allowed the “TQG” singer to collaborate with international artists like her. Shakira.

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Has Karol G previously imitated Shakira?

After the recent “accusations” made by fans Carol Jfollowers Shakira They responded to the accusations by remembering that the Colombian was the first to adopt the style Shakira To enhance your career.

It is worth noting that during the Billboard Women in Music Awards, where Carol J The singer received the Woman of the Year award and gave a brief performance on stage with the song “Amargora.”

After the show, social media was under attack Carol J Pointing out that he imitated the distinctive dancing style of Shakira In addition to wearing an outfit very similar to the one the “Waka Waka” singer uses in her concerts.

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