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They ask for help locating the missing Cuban

They ask for help locating the missing Cuban

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Sunday, December 24, 2023

A mobilization of citizens appeared on social networks after the disappearance of a man in Santiago de Cuba, whose identity has not yet been revealed. Internet user Diane Ochoa, appealing for community solidarity, posted several photos of the missing person and urged anyone with information about his whereabouts to call the numbers 56055325 and 58099759.

The call for action comes in a context where the exact details of the disappearance remain uncertain. The last time his relatives were seen has not been determined, nor has it been confirmed whether an official complaint has already been filed with the relevant authorities. Also, no information was provided about possible visits to hospitals or shelters to search for the missing person.

The absence of data on whether an individual suffers from any mental illness can cause confusion and increase family and community anxiety. This situation is exacerbated by the perception of negligence on the part of local authorities in the search for missing persons, which has led many citizens to turn to social media as the primary means of disseminating search messages and extending their call for solidarity.

The police's failure to take concrete actions, such as actively searching for the missing person, distributing flyers bearing his or her photo, or issuing statements through state media, has sparked criticism and frustration among residents.

This case highlights the importance of citizen cooperation and the use of digital platforms in social emergencies, as well as the need for a more effective and compassionate response from the authorities in cases of disappearances.

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