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They appointed new curators in the direction of economic sciences

They appointed new curators in the direction of economic sciences

At the first extraordinary session meeting of 2024, the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National University of North-East (Unne) appointed four secretaries, completing the management of the institution.

The appointments, which took place on Wednesday 14 February, were made to cover vacancies due to resignations in the ownership of the Academic Secretariats; Students Affairs; Research, innovation and development; And postgraduate studies.

Dr. Veronica Maria Laura Glibotta Landrell has been appointed to head the Academic Secretariat. Under the ownership of Student Affairs Secretary Accountant General Santiago Merino.

Lucas Ferrero, Doctor of Economics, has been appointed Minister of Research, Innovation and Development; The Graduate Studies Secretariat is headed by Accountant General Mabel Yanda.

Replacement process

The appointments of the new Trustees were proposed by the Dean's Office, and were immediately followed by the acceptance of the resignations of the previous Trustees in the same first special session of the year chaired by Dean Moira Carrillo.

The session was held from 6 p.m., in the board room of the college’s headquarters at the Resistencia Campus Institute in Chaco.

Contributing to society

The vacancies covered in the extraordinary session of the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Economic Sciences occurred due to the departure of the previous secretaries for services in the public service held by the Government of the Province of Chaco, Nuevo Banco del Chaco and Fiduciaria del Norte SA.

The former academic secretary, María Virginia Alessio, went to work at Nuevo Banco del Chaco. Former Secretary of Student Affairs, Accountant General, Edgardo Reinero, has joined the Chaco Department of Public Health as Administrator; Former Secretary of the Graduate Master of Public Accounting Gerardo Santos Oliveira assumed the presidency of Fiduciaria del Norte SA.

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“Today we meet these excellent professionals who have decided to make this commitment to their province a reality,” Carrillo told the council in the special session.

“Today, Virginia, Gerardo and Edgardo leave their places in the administration to represent our college from a place of unwavering commitment to what has shaped us from the moment we became children of a distinguished, free, secular public education,” the Dean stressed.

“The essence of answering the call of the community when it needs us,” Ms. Carrillo said.