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These are the states with the highest depression rates in the US, according to a recent ranking

These are the states with the highest depression rates in the US, according to a recent ranking

Many factors such as working hours, credit card debt, divorce rates, and commute times create high levels of stress among Americans. (Archive)

A census American Psychological Association More than 25% of adults have it America They face high levels of stress which makes it difficult for them to carry out their daily activities. Based on this research, the health brand Komova It created a ranking that ranked the nation's states according to the stress levels of their residents and identified factors that influence this phenomenon, such as the number of working hours, credit card debt, divorce rates and transition times.

Contrary to what many would expect, New York and California They don't even appear, ranking 24th and 25th, respectively, in the top ten most stressed states.

Research published in CNBC, Stress indicators can be divided into four main categories: Financial stress, Work stress, health stress and family stress. To prepare its rankings, data from companies like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), The United States Census Bureau And this Bureau of Labor Statisticsamong others.

Stressors were categorized into financial, work, health, and family using data from the CDC, US Census Bureau, and Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Illustration Image Infobae)

The status of NY It stood out for having the longest commute time with an average of 33.2 minutes, although it did not top the list in terms of working hours. On the other hand, Louisiana It was cited as having the longest work week with an average of 44.3 hours.

About credit card debt, Alaska It topped the list with an average debt of $7,338 Wisconsin It offered the lowest loan with an average of $4,808.

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Tennessee, Identified as a state with America's Most Stressful Residents The state has the third highest prevalence of depression nationally, with 24.4% of its population affected. Additionally, 15.5% reported that their physical health was poor more than 14 days a month.

Tennessee emerged as the state with the highest number of residents dealing with stress, also showing higher reports of depression and poorer physical health. (Archive)

As for the workplace, residents Tennessee They face significant challenges, too Average work intensity is 42.3 hours per weekThus it ranks third in terms of longest working hours compared to the national average.

Additionally, Tennessee Scored low in terms of income year of its inhabitantsAs well as their ability to work from home, this can Further contributing to overall stress.

Average commute times to work are also among the longest, adding another factor that negatively affects the quality of life of residents in this state.

Alabama and Oklahoma trail Tennessee in the stress rankings, facing similar challenges, including long work hours, below-average incomes and access to medical services, and health-related issues such as depression rates. (Shutterstock)

Alabama It ranks second nationally in terms of stress levels caused by work and health factors. Residents of this state known as Dixie Heart, They work long hours and earn less than the average income And they have one of the highest divorce rates in the country.

On the other hand, Oklahoma It ranks third in the lead Health stress, which is directly linked to the percentage of residents without access to health services. Additionally, this state showed high levels of depression among its people.

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Louisiana, Nevada, South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, West Virginia and IndianaComplete the top 10 states with Increased stressIt demonstrates a variety of contributing factors, from economic challenges to public health issues.