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These are the requirements to apply for a temporary work visa issued by the United States

The U.S. embassy in Managua made a live broadcast on Facebook on Tuesday to talk about temporary work visas issued by that North American country and answer questions from Nicaraguan citizens about it.

Thousands of Nicaraguans are currently fleeing the country due to the economic and political situation. A recent tour by LA PRENSA through the Migration Offices in Managua found that people were moving to other countries for work purposes as the situation in the country was difficult and their needs could not be met. Families

These are the questions and answers about temporary work visas.

1-What types of visas are there?

Depending on the type of work the person is applying for, there are several types of visas, but the most common among Nicaraguans are H2A and H2B for temporary jobs, according to representatives from the US Embassy’s Embassy in Managua.

The panel explained that since 2010 Nicaragua has been eligible to apply for an H2A visa and that thousands of workers have returned to the United States without any legal issues.

“This program is a great choice for Nicaraguans looking for new jobs in the United States and will thus support their families in Nicaragua,” the delegates said.

The H2A visa is a non-immigrant visa for temporary agricultural work, such as harvesting and planting; The H2B visa is for non-agricultural jobs, such as gardening, hotel, construction, etc.

How long does a 2-visa last?

A temporary job is defined by the Department of Homeland Security (abbreviated DHS in English) for a period of time () as “typically one year or less.” Team.

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3-What are the requirements for applying?

Nicaraguans wishing to go to work in the United States under the H2 program must be clear that this is a multi-agency service that includes the Department of Labor, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the State Camp. Men and women can apply for this benefit. There is no age limit, but they have to do the kind of work they demand.

Nicaraguan can access this type of visa, You must first have a job offer where the employer must send you the relevant documents to apply for the job. “You can not apply for an H2A or H2B visa without a job offer.”

The process of obtaining a visa begins with the employer in the United States. They have to apply to the Department of Labor for a labor certificate that requires a certain number of workers to do a particular job.

The employer must show that there are not enough skilled, willing and qualified American workers to do the job. At the same time, you should show that you pay the current salary in the United States job application area.

Once the labor certificate is issued, the U.S. employer can file a petition with the Citizenship and Immigration Services to obtain the number of approved workers. If the Citizenship and Migration Services accept the petition, the employer will hire the workers.

Recruitment is done through accredited agencies, who identify the employees who are eligible for these visas and coordinate their applications throughout the process. Finally, embassies and consulates in the United States will process applications and issue visas.

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4-Can the beneficiary go with his family?

Yes. The spouse of an H2 visa holder and unmarried children under the age of 21 can apply for an H4 visa and enter the United States, but will not be allowed to work.

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Where can I find 5-job opportunities?

You can enter https://seasonaljobs.dol.gov.es as a reference point. The group explained that this is a work site for U.S. citizens, but that they can contact the Nicaraguan contractor company and contact them directly.


The delegation clarified that you need to have a work visa to go to work in the United States and that you cannot work if you go to that country with a tourist visa No.2.

“Doing so could result in the cancellation of your visa and the imposition of legal penalties, as attempting to cross the U.S. border without permission is dangerous, illegal, and could have serious consequences. The only way to work legally in the United States is to apply for a nonimmigrant visa at the U.S. Embassy in Managua. ”

Keep in mind that if the applicant has a tourist visa or is in the process of residency review, he or she may apply for a work visa, however the panel stressed: “The last word will determine whether you comply with the embassy requirements.

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7- Beware of fraud

Delegates warned that people could fall into the hands of fraudsters who pose as recruiters and charge for visas. However, they stressed that it is forbidden for agents to charge fees or solicit additional costs.

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“All costs associated with the visa application must be borne by the employer (…) The US Embassy in Managua takes fraudulent reports of agents using visa applicants very seriously. Should anyone report this situation?” [email protected]The team said.

The person should know that the actual applicant will share a document with continuous information, for example, activities to be performed, working hours, salary, company name, start date, work address, case number or petition.