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These are the holidays and long weekends in Colombia for 2024

These are the holidays and long weekends in Colombia for 2024

(CNN in Spanish) — 2024 in Colombia There will be fewer holidays than in 2023.

The reason is that there are days that are considered holidays by law but they fall on a Sunday, so they are not counted as a day off from work.

But despite this, Colombia is still one of the countries in the region that has the largest number of holidays throughout the year. Thus, 2023 will have 20 holidays, and 2024 will have 17 holidays, plus weekends.

This year there are three months without public holidays: February, April and September. The largest number of holidays is in March, when Holy Week is celebrated. June, July, August and November will also have several days off.

Holidays in Colombia in 2024


Monday 1: The new year

Monday 8: Day of the Three Kings


There are no fixed vacations.

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Monday 25: Saint Joseph's Day
Thursday 28: Holy Thursday
Friday 29th: Holy Friday
Sunday 31: Easter Sunday (since it is a Sunday, it does not apply to a day of rest)


There are no fixed vacations.


Wednesday 1: a work day

Monday 13: Ascension Day. Ascension Thursday.


Monday 3: Corpus Christi

Monday 10: Sacred Heart Day


Monday 1: Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Saturday 20: Independence Day


Wednesday 7: Day of the Battle of Boyaca

Monday 19: Assumption of the Virgin


There are no holidays.


Monday 14: Race day


Monday 4: All Saints' Day

Monday 11: Independence of Cartagena


Friday, 8: Day of the Immaculate Conception (falls on a Sunday so no day of rest applies)

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Wednesday 25: Christmas Day

Payments on Colombian holidays

By law in Colombia, public and private sector workers have a paid day of rest on public holidays.

Law No. 51 of 1983 provides for the transfer of 10 holidays to the Monday following the date on which they fall on the calendar.

The law is commonly known as Emiliani after Raimondo Emiliani Roman, a politician who served as a congressman, minister and ambassador and who proposed reforming the labor code to create a holiday system that has been in place since the 1980s.