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The youngest daughter of Marco Antonio Solís is imposing a trend in a festive and sheer dress

Marco Antonio Solís He is undoubtedly one of the most talented Latin song stars of recent years and not only is his talent a part of it, but the singer inherited his musical skills from his two daughters who are also making a career in the world. . one of his daughters, Marla Solisgenerated a wave of praise towards his pictures in social networks Because the beautiful young woman was spotted in a transparent dress for a festive occasion and astounded everyone.

No, my daughter Marco Antonio Solís They devote themselves to music like their father, but both Marla Solis Like their sister decided that they did not want to be recognized in the artistic environment as their father, who had already made a successful career in the music world and could therefore be seen working hard in social networks To forge his name in the world of entertainment.