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Cuban musicians Emilio Frias and Yotuel confront each other on social networks: “I am here to unite”

CubitaNOW write ~ Friday, February 24, 2023

Cuban musician Emilio Frias, director of the El Niño y la Verdad Orchestra, and colleague Yotuel Romero recently clashed on social media after posting the former.

Frías, who shared a post regarding a presentation at the Casa de la Música de Miramar, where he will perform on the salsa festival, received a message from Yotuel.

“Havana is everyone and everyone is in Havana,” Frias’ message elicited the actor’s response.

“Unfortunately, not everyone is in Havana and over 300,000 Cubans have left Cuba this year. Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno, Funky, Leoni Torres, El Micha, Los Aldeanos, Lenier Mesa, Chocolate MC, yours truly and much more,” he said.

“Cuba is in musical mourning, the only change is to change ‘Patria o Muerte’ to ‘Patria y Vida’,” the rapper added.

Afterwards, Frias shared the message and returned to the charge: “Don’t forget that whoever sang ‘Cambio’ here is me,” referring to a musical theme that caused him to be censored in Cuba.

He then shared a comment and made it clear that he had no intention of causing controversy. “The least I want, my people, is for this office to lead to division or confrontation, and even less among Cubans, there is much to divide because destroying is so easy and building is difficult,” he said.

“I’m here to unite and my people feel that my voice is the pain of many, that I will never be silent about anything I think is wrong, and whoever likes it loves it and hurts all who hurt, I will never be politically active, if that’s what they want from me, I’m Sorry, this is not my mission in this life, my mission in this life is to make the world dance with the most authentic music in the world and this has given life to more than 100 genres in the world and I have never seen a campaign by any artist to give it its status and appreciation, “Frias noted.

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In the meantime, he explained, “his mission is to be a singer who, through his music, criticizes the social and real themes of Cuban life, the themes of the bus, the fine and the almendron as well as mass exodus”. . “

“My mission is to be here to bring joy to my people who need it most, so I ask everyone who wants a politician because this is not the place, because for me politics is dirty and all politicians are the same bullshit and those who profit and profit from that are even more bullshit, so We’ll leave this here and if you like Cuban music, rumba and timba, and your ideals allow you to enjoy it, see you Saturday with Osín Del Monte at Miramar and beyond Sunday at the Salsa Festival.”

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