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The Venezuelan opposition ratified the primaries to be held despite the changes promoted by Chavismo in the CNE

The Venezuelan opposition ratified the primaries to be held despite the changes promoted by Chavismo in the CNE

The Venezuelan opposition has ratified the primaries to be held despite changes in the CNE (EFE).

the Venezuelan opposition I believe This Thursday The primaries are still going on Despite the changes that have occurred in the past hours in the lead National Electoral Council (CNE).

The primary stage continues as we discussed today in the committee meeting. This ship continues on its journey towards October 22,” said Jesús María Casale, president of the National Commission for Primary Education (CNP), the entity in charge of organizing the inmates, who asked for the help of the council to organize the aforementioned event. ..

In this way, the bloc continues to advance its election plan Candidate facing Chavismo In the presidential elections to be held in 2024 which they will aspire to Remove the regime from the government.

Jesus María Casal, president of the National Primaries Commission, confirmed that plans for the October primaries are still going ahead (Reuters)

This Thursday, in a new move by the Maduro dictatorship, the Relevant Deans of CNE introduce them resignation Seeking to “contribute to this noble goal (that Venezuela ends) the drive towards economic prosperity and social stability,” they justified.

After accepting his resignation, A.J Appointment of new powers Preliminary Committee for the Electoral Nominations Committee, “according to Article 295 of the Constitution.”

In this sense, the legislators agreed to accept the resignations submitted today by the authorities of the National Electoral Council close to Chavismo “with parliamentary urging”, as they were specified, “Review” the status of the entire entity’s board of directors Opposition mayors Enrique Marquez And Roberto Bacon-.

This Thursday, in a new step for the dictatorship, the parliament controlled by Nicolás Maduro informed the resignation of the main chiefs of the CNE (Europa Press)

Despite the opposition’s firmness in the face of this unexpected maneuver by the regime, the leaders of the bloc rejected these actions and warned against sabotaging the elections.

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Juan Guaido ruled that “the Maduro dictatorship is advancing Sabotage primaries and presidential elections. Supervised CNE they don’t trust and use government infrastructure (Schools, CNE) upwards to conduct primary. The response should be more unitary and a self-administered initial investigation.”

There is no excuse: leaders, candidates, candidate leaders, political parties, and We should all put ourselves at the service of the Trial Committee To go ahead on October 22nd. The primaries are UNIÓN and as a federation we defeated Maduro. Make an appointment and stop being cowardly, he urged.

Juan Guaido urged the opposition to unite and commit to elections to bring down Chavismo in 2024 (Reuters)

This episode happened just two weeks after Chavismo’s anti-Chavismo asked CNE Support in organizing elections Although there are a series of conditions and guarantees, such as confidentiality of voter data.

After the announcement in the past few hours, there are now two possible scenarios. On the other hand, primaries can still be held with the help of the entity or, if not, progress can be made in “self-managed” elections, Casale explained, although he stressed that it has not been decided how to proceed yet. .

(with information from EFE)

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