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The Venezuelan flag was raised on the territory of Guiana Esquipa

The Venezuelan flag was raised on the territory of Guiana Esquipa

After the presentation by the President of Guyana, Irfan Ali, In the Sierra de Pacaraima, in Guayana Esquipa, a territory belonging by history and right to Venezuela, “the indigenous people of the region showed that the only flag that could be flown in the territory of Essequibo was the tricolor of Francisco Miranda,” the tricolor that Liberator Simón Bolívar carried throughout South America,” said the National Coordinator of the Todo Campaign in Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez.

He stressed that the provocations carried out by the Government of Guyana, slaves of ExxonMobil, “were responded to in a timely manner by the Venezuelan people.” “The only thing we can say is kudos to the people Bravo won,” Rodriguez said when shown a video where the Guyana flag was respectfully lowered and the Venezuelan flag was raised.

In the audio and video clip, the indigenous people stated that the territory of Guayana-Esquipa belongs to Venezuela forever. In this sense, Rodriguez highlighted that “the national tricolor covered the entire national territory due to the people’s participation in the consultative referendum.”

He thanked every woman and every man present in the electoral centers, regardless of the political color to which they belong. He also thanked the deans of the National Electoral Council for the outstanding performance of the voting system and the electoral commission. Thousands of National Electoral Commission officials, still active in each electoral centre.

“When the National Electoral Council releases the results, all Venezuelans will be happy to celebrate the result that makes the Venezuelan homeland today much stronger.” Likewise, Tudo, the National Coordinator of the Electoral Campaign Command in Venezuela, congratulated the Republican Plan for the security of the 28,000 polling stations and all the Venezuelan people, social movements, opposition political parties, the great national pole and the sectors that have been integrated into the country. This is a consultative referendum.

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