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The US Congress will address separate economic aid programs for Israel and Ukraine

The US Congress will address separate economic aid programs for Israel and Ukraine

US Congress to separately address economic aid programs for Israel and Ukraine (REUTERS/FILE)

Chairman of House of RepresentativesRepublican Party Michael JohnsonIt announced Monday that the bills will be “separately” addressed to provide relief in the coming days Israel And Ukraine Ignoring the US President's call, Joe BidenTo approve a joint package 95 billion dollars.

Johnson expressed the hope at a news conference On Friday During the night, funds were given to these two countries and others to provide aid to the Allies America It contains Indo-Pacific.

Iran attacked Israel The weekend is under pressure Johnson For some countries, specifically to allow a referendum on aid Ukraine Some hard-line Republicans object.

“There are sudden events around the world that we're all watching very carefully,” Johnson told reporters. The Republican Party of the Lower House.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson (REUTERS/FILE)

The Republican, who is facing calls for impeachment from the most radical wing of his party, explained that he was studying separate plans to fund “their ally” in his X account. IsraelSupport Ukraine In his battle against RussiaStrengthen allies America It contains Indo-Pacificand approval of additional measures to strengthen national security.

Johnson responded to an apparent request made this Monday Biden So he is Congress Approve a batch 95 billion dollars with help Israel, Ukraine And TaiwanIt was stalled for months due to opposition from Republican Party.

Last February, the US Senate approved an additional aid package Israel And Ukraine, however The President did not bring it up for a vote in the House. Johnson twice did not approve funding for Israel.

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“Congress has to approve that funding. They have to do it now.”Biden made the announcement before the media on Monday morning.

On Sunday night, the President interacted with all four of them Presidents of the US Congress with whom he reached a hasty “consensus” on approving aid Israel And UkraineReport of the Majority Leader in SenateDemocrat Chuck Schumer.

Johnson left open the possibility that the plans could eventually be combined into a package, but said he wants them to be examined and approved separately.

(with information from EFE)