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The US Coast Guard patrols Port-au-Prince Bay

The US Coast Guard patrols Port-au-Prince Bay

Ambassador and Under Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, US Department of State. Brian A. Nichols, He visits Haiti. After continuous rumors and speculations about his arrival, the official made the announcement through a statement posted on his Twitter account.

The team, led by Nichols and comprised of members from the White House, the Department of Defense, Southern Command and the Department of International Narcotics Affairs, will assess how the United States can provide assistance and improve accountability for those responsible for crimes in Haiti.

“As a further sign of commitment and support for the Haitian people, at the request of the Haitian government and in close coordination, the US Coast Guard will send one of its flagship cutters to patrol off the coast of Port-au-Prince. The State Department,” the document said.

It also says the US team will urge political actors to put aside their differences and outline a Haitian vision for improving security and returning to a democratic order.

“My visit to Haiti comes at a critical time, when Haitians are facing a cholera outbreak, gang blockades of ports and a fuel crisis, worsening the security and humanitarian situation,” Nichols wrote.

As indicated in the document, the purpose of the visit was to facilitate the response of Ariel Henry to the request for international assistance made by Haiti on October 5. The meeting comes a day after a State Department press conference questioned the US’s “slow response” to Henry’s humanitarian appeal.

In addition to requests for aid due to high levels of insecurity, the United States seeks to provide aid due to the cholera outbreak and the actions of criminal actors preventing access to Haiti.

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The US delegation will meet Prime Minister Ariel Henry and civil society leaders.

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