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The United States has identified Russia’s elite with sanctions against Putin if he invades Ukraine

The United States has identified Russia’s elite with sanctions against Putin if he invades Ukraine

(CNN) – The Joe Biden administration has identified a number of elite Russian government officials and business leaders in the country, and the United States wants to allow it. If Russia invades UkraineA senior U.S. official told CNN.

Evidence suggests that “targeted sanctions packages” have been developed against the Russian elite within or near the Kremlin’s inner circle and, at the very least, complicit in government decision-making, or at least complicit in destructive behavior. The Kremlin. “The official added that their families would also be allowed.

US attempt to stop Russia

The revelation that the Biden administration is preparing sanctions against the Russian elite is a recent US attempt to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine. Meanwhile, Moscow is building forces near the Ukrainian border.

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President Joe Biden last week cConsideration will be given to allowing President Vladimir Putin If Russia invades. But the official declined to release the names of specific individuals the United States is considering for possible sanctions. Because management does not want people to have any foresight.

“We have an extensive list of individuals to choose from,” the official said. He also mentioned that some will be taken from Confidential report sent to Congress in 2018 by the Treasury Department And named the main political figures and oligarchy of the Russian Federation. “We may not disclose the contents of this list or give specific names in view of aviation risks.

The official said sanctions against senior Russian officials, business leaders and other elites represent only part of a series of US actions that the United States says it is prepared to impose in the event of an attack on Russia.

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“Massive sanctions targeting the largest corporations in key industries, unprecedented export control measures that hinder Russia’s ability to pursue strategic ambitions, and the instability of Putin’s elites and his families are complicit,” the official said.

The United States is increasingly concerned that Russia’s infiltration could occur at any time. White House spokesman Zhen Zaki said last week that the Russian invasion was “immediate” as the number of troops and military equipment on the Ukrainian border increased.

“Specially vulnerable targets”

A senior government official pointed out that many of the elites who value US approval are “particularly vulnerable targets.” This, he pointed out, is due to its extensive financial ties with Western countries. If the ban is imposed, assets will be frozen, he said.

“Putin cronies can no longer use their wives or other family members as proxies to avoid sanctions,” the official said. “Restrictions will isolate them from the International Monetary Fund and ensure that they and their families can no longer enjoy the benefits of finding their money in the West and studying at elite Western universities.”

“The Russian elite must fear the consequences if Russia invades further,” the official added.