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The United States demanded an end to repression in Cuba and advocated the release of all political prisoners

The United States demanded an end to repression in Cuba and advocated the release of all political prisoners

File photo dated July 11, 2021. A group responds to protesters in front of the Cuban capital in Havana (EFE/Ernesto Mastrascusa).

America “persisted Release of political prisoners” said this Friday, the North American embassy in the island, during a meeting in Havana with representatives of the two governments.

In a statement, the diplomatic corps pledged Kerry HannanThe Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy, Policy, Planning and Coordination of the State Department's Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs said the visit, which began last Tuesday, will culminate today.

The North American embassy did not specify which island regime representatives Hannan met with.

According to the latest data of the organization Prisoners are guards – based in Madrid – are on the island 1,066 political prisoners A large proportion of them were participants in the July 11, 2021 (11J) anti-government protests.

A senior officer held a meeting with “Free Cuban Traders” A symbol of Washington's support “to the Cuban people and the Cuban private sector.”

With them, the embassy noted, a State Department representative “explored (…) how the U.S. government could strengthen an independent Cuban private sector with transfers and other assistance.”

Likewise, Hannon held meetings with “marginalized communities, including Afro-Cubans and human rights activists.”

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Washington's policy of rapprochement with the island's startup private sector – small and medium-sized businesses, around 10,600, Legalized from 2021 – has been criticized by some dissident groups, a good part of which they feel are linked to the regime.

For their part, many island merchants denied this relationship and defended their independence.

Last January, the Cuban-born Republican congresswoman spoke during a U.S. Congressional Western Hemisphere Subcommittee hearing on new private companies in Cuba. Maria Elvira Salazar He assured that many of the owners of these new businesses were actually connected to the government.

In this regard, various private businessmen on the island responded to the conservative policy and described his appearance as “deplorable”.

On the other hand, a letter was sent to the High Representative of the group of 34 MPs European union For foreign policy, Joseph BorrellTo hear him, from the constituency, take concrete steps to achieve Release of political prisoners in Cuba And a return guarantee Democratic order on the island.

“We reiterate the urgent need to pay Concrete steps “To move towards a full government in the island, hold pluralistic, free and democratic elections, and respect human rights and individual liberties,” reads the letter, signed mainly by 'popular' members of Parliament. And liberals.

The letter further stated, “We join the efforts of the relatives of the prisoners demanding the release of all political prisoners. We demand that the Cuban government consider any legal action that would mean the immediate release of imprisoned family members and an end to persecution.

The legislators' request coincides with a visit to the European Parliament Cuban Human Rights Watch (OCDH), an organization responsible for redressing citizens' demands and fighting oppression, as another symbol of the struggle against Lack of action due to “never fulfilled” promises made by the Miguel Díaz-Canel regime.

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(with information from Europa Press and EFE)