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The trick is to improve your focus and productivity while working at the computer

The trick is to improve your focus and productivity while working at the computer

Set priorities and remove notifications to improve productivity (Reuters / Emily Elkonen /)

Notifications that are frequently seen and heard on the screen are a big enemy of focus so, in order to be able to combat distractions and improve productivity, it is essential to deactivate notifications, at least during certain periods of time.

It is true that in a highly connected world that demands immediacy, this can be a real challenge, but the key is to create small windows of time in which only one thing is done at a time and silence distractions.

The first step, then, is to decide what tasks you want to do during the day and give each one the amount of time, according to what you ask for and your priority. When making this chart, it is important to make time to respond to chat messages and emails. Let this be an activity in itself to which a certain space will be given.

Once you do, it will be necessary to know how long the moment of silence will take to carry out the tasks that require the most concentration: it could be an hour, 40 minutes, or whatever is necessary. Better to start small. And now, yes, the technical part has arrived: How do interruptions that access the computer be silenced?

In Windows

Concentration Assistant in Windows 10, also known as Do Not Disturb in older versions of the OS, lets you avoid distracting notifications when you need to stay focused. This option can be configured to activate automatically in certain circumstances, or it can be activated or deactivated manually.

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How to activate it

Enter “Concentration Assistant” in the search engine in the bottom left margin. Doing so will enter the tool’s configuration menu.

Focus Assistant in Windows 10
Focus Assistant in Windows 10

There you will see various options. It can be configured to not see any notifications or only those within the priority list, which can be modified according to the user’s needs. In contrast, automatic activation can be created in a certain period of time.

It should be noted that once focus mode is finished the user will be able to see a summary of what happened while this tool was activated.

And Mac

In the case of the Mac, the equivalent is “Do Not Disturb”. When this option is enabled, the user will not see or hear notifications but will be collected in the notification center so that they can review them later.

How to activate it

In the Mac menu bar, click on Control Center, and there is the “Please Do Not Disturb” icon. This way it remains active until it is disabled. It is also possible to set a specific time range like an hour or two, for example.

Do not disturb can also be activated by holding down the Option key while clicking the date and time in the menu bar, or by pressing the Do Not Disturb key, if available in the row of function keys on the keyboard.

What about cell phones? The same slogan applies to cell phones as it does to laptops and desktop computers: silencing notifications. Much Male in appearance How Iphone They have a Do Not Disturb option that allows you to deactivate incoming notifications and only allow you to receive calls, to avoid missing a true emergency.

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