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They discover planets from two suns that can harbor life

They discover planets from two suns that can harbor life

Thanks to the Kepler space telescope, it has been discovered that five planetary systems have what is colloquially known as a “double sun” and can host life well. As was the case on the planet Tatooine from star Wars.

a study Presented by scientists from the University of Illinois demonstrates this, with previously obtained data Kepler TelescopeExoplanets, similar to Earth, that move around two stars have been identified and could be habitable.

The latter occurs because some of the planets of the studied systems are located in a permanent habitable region, because their relative proximity to a star such as the Sun will allow them to have liquid water on the surface.

According to scientists, life is more likely to exist on a planet within the permanent habitable region, such as Earth in the solar system. In addition, the study indicates that the Kepler-34, Kepler-35, Kepler-64, Kepler-413 and Kepler-38 systems are candidates for planets with conditions similar to ours, including the oceans.

In total, 12 of the discovered exoplanets are orbiting a pair of stars. And while only giant exoplanets have been discovered so far, it is possible that there are smaller planets, or even satellites, that have yet to be discovered.

The planetary systems studied are located between 2764 and 5933 light years from Earth, in particular, in the constellations Lyra and Cignus. They also have at least one planet the size of Neptune and one of the systems, called Kepler-64, that houses at least four stars at its center.

According to Nikolaos Georgakarakos, one of the researchers in the study, the results obtained with Kepler confirm that “even double star systems, which have giant planets, are a good candidate in our search for Earth 2.0”.

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