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This will happen on Saturday if we don't accept the new WhatsApp terms

This will happen on Saturday if we don’t accept the new WhatsApp terms

The prime date for Saturday, May 15th, is close to more than 2 billion WhatsApp users. That day is the deadline for its customers to accept the new terms and conditions of use proposed by the company, which itself caused a wave of criticism against the platform at the beginning of this year. The controversy is about privacy: Agreeing to these new terms means accepting the app’s sharing of certain data with Facebook, the messaging service’s parent company. And that, in turn, Facebook can do business with them, according to El País.

Those who do not accept the new update will start from the 15th to get limited service. For example, they will not be able to access your chat list when opening the app. They can of course answer calls and video calls in real time and read notifications to read or respond to messages. The company says that if notifications are activated, they can touch them to read or reply to messages, in addition to returning missed calls or video calls.

However, after a few weeks of “limited functionality”, the unacceptable user situation will be complicated. The company explains, “You will not be able to receive incoming calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone.” At some point, after receiving increasingly urgent notifications to make a decision, users will have to accept the new terms or else they will not be able to use WhatsApp “at all”. In addition, if the user has not used the platform for more than 120 days, the account will be deleted “in order to maintain security, reduce data retention, and protect users’ privacy.”

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