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The stunning aurora borealis can be seen as far south as North Carolina | Univision News United States

This Saturday, an impressive show of aurora borealis It can be visible in some northern states of the United States, after last October 28 The sun made an eruption It caused a strong geomagnetic storm.

The Space Weather Prediction Center has notified power grid operators, satellite operators, airlines and other customers of the potential effects of a geomagnetic storm.

Geomagnetic storms on Earth It can affect power grids and navigation systems “Global positioning system, wireless, radio and satellite communications,” the center said.

The solar flare was the second strongest this year, according to Space.com.

The Northern Lights, one of the brightest lights

The storm is classified as G3, which is the third level on the scale geomagnetic storm NOAA has five levels. (G1 is considered minor, while G5 is considered extreme.) The G3 Storm Watch is in effect on Earth on Saturdays and Sundays.

It is precisely these geomagnetic storms that can produce the amazing auroras on Earth. Forecasts for this geomagnetic storm include the possibility of aurora borealis from Portland, Oregon, to New York City. It may also be visible on the horizon as far south as in Carson City, Nevada, Oklahoma City and Raleigh, North Carolina.

C said. Alex Young from NASA Space.com website.

They are expected to be better appreciated during Saturday night. If there were clouds around, there would be no chance of seeing them. The effects of this geomagnetic storm should abate early next week.

The southern lights, otherwise known as the aurora borealis, can also be seen at the southern tip of the planet.