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The students graduated from the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Resources Sciences at UACh

The students graduated from the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Resources Sciences at UACh

In a grand ceremony held at the Ola Magna of the Universidade Austral de Chile, 114 students from the Natural Resource Conservation Engineering, Forestry Engineering, Wood Engineering and Master of Science programs with mention of Forestry and Forestry were honored and graduated. in Forest Sciences and a PhD in Forest Ecosystems and Natural Resources.

The solemn ceremony was attended by university leaders, academics, professionals in the region, family and friends.

Dean of the College of Forestry and Natural Resources Sciences, Dr. Alfredo Aguilera, noted that the college is about to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its founding in 2024, and noted that there are more than 1,200 forestry engineers trained in this field. Dar Al-Durasat, which played an essential role in the private sector, state institutions and as independents.

“Everyone creates value in our forests, contributes to the development of communities, contributes to improving people’s quality of life, to timber production, to the protection of high-value resources such as water and biodiversity; or to performing key tasks in developing public policies.

He continued, pointing out that “a large number of wood engineers have been added to those who have contributed greatly to giving value to this material, and also an increasing number of engineers in the preservation of natural resources, who, with their strong training, guarantee and appreciate the value of our products.” Natural resources for future generations.

For his part, Forest Engineering graduate, Christopher Parra Soto, shared his university experience and thanked officials, academics and family members through emotional words:

“Behind our titles I have no doubt that there are stories of effort, perseverance, joy and laughter, but also of sadness and a lot of stress. We have shared this learning journey together, spending many hours of conversations, terrain and walks through the arboretum and the botanical garden,” he said.

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“We are part of the present and the future, and we have the obligation and responsibility to apply our knowledge in the pursuit of balance between society and nature.”

“We must be in places where our decisions have an impact and be part of the solutions in difficult places. The positive changes we expect are not quick, but success will happen if we are as resilient as the forest,” he added.

In a special way, this ceremony ended with a simple tribute to former faculty members, academics and administrators, whom we wanted to thank for their valuable work.

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