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The strongest candidates to lead the national teams

The strongest candidates to lead the national teams

Mexico City /

The Mexican Football Federation began to restructure national teamsdistance The departure of Gerardo Torrado, as well as the departure of Ignacio Hierrowho held the positions of director of the national teams and sporting director of the Mexican national team, respectively.

The time has come to announce the victims Banner search alternative to the most important site of those shaken on Wednesday, July 13th; For this Femexfut head Explain that the following The national team manager must meet the suitability requirements, such as being active in a club and knowing the sporting aspects more than the administrative aspects; I have experience.

(Candidates) They must be people who know Mexico and are committed; Who want to contribute to the project‘, stated in Press Conference.

Who can replace Gerardo Torrado?

  • 1. Candidate Santiago Barros

president America – to those who put an analogy in Coapa, Hector Gonzalez Iñarritu– Ever served as a manager national teamswas during Juan Carlos Osorio era and exit in 2017Before tricolor will participate in world Cup. came out to become Manager with the Eagles of America.

  • 2. Candidate Mauricio Colebro

Leader tigers You also know what it’s like to hold a position in Mexican Football Federation; After the exercise of the executive presidency of the Americaarrived to Fimxfoot And he had to drive Negotiations with the players at the beginning of the era of Gerardo MartinoHe is also a very trustworthy person. Louis Young.

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  • 3. Candidate Jose Ristr

your business in atlas He puts him as one of the football characters who can conquer National Team ManagerBecause he was the person Created the winning model of the Rogenigros familyIn addition to supporting many Mexican football owners.

  • 4. Candidate Francisco Sonaga

He is one of the most dangerous coaches in Mexican football, who in a short time Conducted a restructuring in Deportivo Toluca To get him out of the stagnation of results. His work with demons puts him down too A character can occupy this position.

  • 5. Candidate Luis Miguel Salvador

He currently holds the presidency Spinner On the Expansion Leaguebut when he was a manager scratched also It was one of the best times for the club; It could be a candidate for the experience accumulated in that period of success.