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The Squid Game 2: The huge amount Lee Jung-jae will be paid per episode of the second season

The Squid Game 2: The huge amount Lee Jung-jae will be paid per episode of the second season

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According to Statista data, Squid game Do series Most watched in history Netflix, content that hit the streaming platform’s catalog on September 17, 2021 that immediately positioned itself in the top ten, and stayed there for weeks. Now, two years later, his the second season It’s closer than ever, news that has already caused quite a stir among the millions of viewers and fans of this hit production Lee Jung Jae He is the protagonist, who gave life to Seong Gi-hun.

Although this 50-year-old South Korean actor had already appeared in other previous productions, it wasn’t until his participation in this series to Netflix Which gained him more fame, catapulting him internationally, which is why he is currently one of the most popular South Korean actors worldwide.

Now, with the upcoming premiere of T.ISeason 2 to Squid gameThis actor was in the news again, not only because of his return to the broadcasting platform, but also because of the huge amount of money he demanded for each episode Which we will see soon on our devices. Do you want to know your order amount?

How much will Lee Jung-jae get paid per episode of The Squid Game season 2?

Having become a global streaming phenomenon in 2021, Squid game He catches us again with his next arrival the second season, a game that we had to wait for two years and already has millions of people waiting and ready to play. Move over, green light! With this announcement, the cast of this new, soon-to-be-released installment that will bring the actor back has also been announced. Lee Jung Jaewho plays Seong Gi-hun, the protagonist series to Netflix.

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In addition to posting its cast, we also post a preview of what lies ahead in this one Season 2also made news what bill to the hero of the story.

This was announced on social networks Lee Jung Jae One million dollars will be collected for each episode Squid 2 game. If the number of seasons repeats the first season, i.e. 9, this 50-year-old South Korean actor will earn a total of $9 million at the end of production of this second season.

It must be remembered that during the recording of the first season of this series to Netflixthe broadcast platform paid him $334,000 per season, so at the end of filming Lee Jung Jae He was paid $3.1 million, a sum that could now represent just 3 months’ salary if the streaming giant agreed to his request to charge $1 million per episode of the series. Squid 2 game.

What is the premiere of Squid Game 2?

Release date Squid 2 gamethat is him the second season, not yet disclosed. However, the creator of the Netflix series, Hwang Dong-hyuk, has stated that it could be at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, without specifying a premiere date yet.

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