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6ix9ine explains that his relationship with Yailin is “purely professional”, do we believe them?

6ix9ine explains that his relationship with Yailin is “purely professional”, do we believe them?

sWhich started rumors of a romantic relationship between them tekashi 6ix9ine singer, Yailin “most widespread”, both of them insist that their relationship is purely professional. The Mexican-American rapper took part in a broadcast of “El Gordo y la Flaca” on UnivisiĆ³n where he silenced any rumors:

“We’re in. Let’s get it straight, buddy. Music, music, music.”

In addition, he took the opportunity to defend the Dominican singer, after she was slammed on social media, for her N.C. show. New York, Where she was caught doing an apparent ‘running’:

“She is a very talented person, very precious, respectful of work.”

6ix9ine on Yailin

Musical collaboration between 6ix9ine and Yailin

for his part, YellinAnuel’s ex-wife, explained that her first approach with 6ix9ine was through a direct message she sent through her account. Instagram.

“I threw it. I DMed it. I sent her a song. I sent it to her to collaborate with and that’s how we met. We started talking, pure music, you know…”, added 6ix9ine.

commented: “He had previously written to someone for a video when I was a dancer, at that time I didn’t have a visa. That’s why it wasn’t done… I answered him normally now.”

Currently, the two musicians are on a full promotional tour for ‘Pa’ Ti’ single, Pa ‘Mi’, in which they both collaborate.

But the rapper goes along with it all, because he also recently released another collaboration, now with easier where Yellin He also appears in the music video, wearing a faded swimsuit.

For her part, the Dominican showed the music video for “Narcisista”, a bachata dedicated to her ex-partner, a Puerto Rican singer, Anuelwho had a very famous breakup with him also in the press.

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