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The Spanish shipping company wants to open this route

The Spanish shipping company wants to open this route

The president of the Spanish shipping company, Baleària, Adolfo Autor, confirmed again this weekend that his company is working hard to open a ferry bearing his signature soon, which will connect the cities of Havana in Cuba and Miami in the south. Florida, United States. This is an old wish of this Valencian company, which has been “cooking” for years.

several Reports From Spain, it notes that Utor has confirmed its interest in expanding the operations of its subsidiary in the Caribbean, Baleària Caribbean, and has made it clear that in addition to connecting Puerto Rico with the Dominican Republic, it will insist on completing the route between Miami and Havana by ferry. .

The businessman stressed the possibility of connecting Havana, the capital of Cuba, to Miami (Florida, United States) by ferry. It would be a historic event, given the special bond that exists between the two cities and the more pronounced ideological separation.

It should be remembered that Baleària has been operating in the Caribbean since 2011, providing ferry service between Fort Lauderdale (Florida, United States) and Freeport (Grand Bahama, Bahamas).

This is not the first time the Havana-Miami ferry has been talked about

The President of Balaria is confident that his expansion plan in the Caribbean will allow him to achieve a goal that he had to postpone due to the political situation in the United States, under former President Donald Trump. They want to turn this ferry link into a historical and commercial achievement.

The businessman explained that “hurricanes and the pandemic” prevented the first attempt to make this connection, but stressed that the current development of the company allows it to resume this and other future growth projects in the Caribbean.

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The businessman said: “Before Trump came to the presidency, we had the opportunity to start the line between Miami and Havana, and this is something that can be revived now, in other circumstances, with or without Trump.”

This is not the first time a potential ferry route between Havana and Miami has been mooted, which already existed until 1959, when Fidel Castro’s government intervened.