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The six tricks to lose weight in four weeks with the old and effective routine of walking daily  Health |  magazine

The six tricks to lose weight in four weeks with the old and effective routine of walking daily Health | magazine

Lose weight by walking It is something that experts have often recommended since time immemorial, and they are certainly right, because it actually works.

When a person adds it to his routine Regular walksyou are also adding benefits to your life, such as, for example, increased daily movement, getting fresh air and receiving sunlight, which, in addition to helping your physical health, contributes to your mental health.

according to Women’s healthEvery month, there is an average of 2,400 searches on Google about “tips to lose weight by walking,” which shows that everything revolving around this topic still raises doubts and that seeking help from experts is necessary to achieve better results.

Physiotherapist Sam McGowan offers six tips to make your walking routine effective for losing weight in as little as four weeks.

“When it comes to walking to lose weight, movement in general is great – it’s all about energy balance,” McGowan explains. In other words, you have to expend more energy (calories) than you consume. This is known as a calorie deficit, he says. McGowan.

It is necessary to pay attention to posture to avoid possible injuries Image: Pexels

Doing things well is the premise that remains a priority, even for walking, because although it is a low-impact exercise, the risk of injury is something that must be removed from the panorama of possibilities.

the first Taking care of oneself is a person’s attitude Walk straight Lift the torso up and away from the hips to avoid slouching. This will help you breathe better and work your core, legs and glutes, recommends David Weiner, a training specialist at the fitness app Freeletics.

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In second place It must be Look forNo more looking at the ground while walking to lose weight; This is how the head balances on the neck and spine.

Matmo: This is how you learn to breathe to lose weight without dieting or strenuous exercises

It is necessary to use your arms, this means that the elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle, while the hands and wrists should be relaxed. Getty Images Image: BBC World

thirdIt must be Be upright at all times So you can land with your feet directly under your body and thus walk better, while preventing injuries.

As a fourth pointit is necessary Use your armsThis means that the elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle, while the hands and wrists should be relaxed, but not too loose. The added bonus is that the arms move slightly back and forth to burn 5% to 10% more calories.

Fifth Recommendations Practice And take the time to learn how the body works. Walk more slowly than usual to see what your fingerprint looks like. Position the head and stretch the arms and thus progress towards the goal of losing weight by walking.

Finally, you can Hit the ground with your heel first And move from there to the tip of the foot. Which will help avoid injuries.


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