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The Sciences, Arts and Letters Awards of the Jerez Academy will be presented on October 24

The Sciences, Arts and Letters Awards of the Jerez Academy will be presented on October 24

the San Dionisio Academy will celebrate on October 24thThis will be at eight o’clock in the evening at the Kagasole Foundation Theater Handing out its prizes for sciences, arts and literature. An event for which admission will be free until maximum capacity is reached, after which an honorary sherry will be presented. These awards are part of the annual honors promoted by the Academic Board of Directors for the first time during this session in which it participated 75th anniversary.

The first edition of these awards was awarded Angel Estella, Prize of Science from the Royal Academy of San Dionisio. Dr. Ángel Estella is Head of the Intensive Care Unit Department at Jerez University Hospital, Coordinator of the Intensive Care Infections Group of Andalusia, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cádiz and Chairman of the Bioethics Committee of Jerez Hospital.

to Composer Nuria Nuñez, Arts Prize Royal Academy of San Dionisio de Jerez. For her, the award given to Noria Nunez represents recognition of her work “A descriptive ability combined with a language associated with the avant-garde of classical music; For its ability to integrate the duality of the performance instrument through expanded and new instrumental techniques; Or to reveal in his work a strong connection with nature, living organisms and plants. Moreover, his contributions to theatrical works for children, performed by relevant European orchestras, or his evocation of historical moments in his native Andalusia, were also strong arguments for this award.

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And to the poet Raquel Lanceros, Letter Prize Royal Academy of San Dionisio de Jerez. In addition to writing Poetry Lanceros is a translator and university professor. But it is too Presenter of the current season of the program “A Country You Read” on La2 channel. She holds a doctorate in language and literature education, a master’s degree in social communication, and a degree in English philology. She is the official Spanish translator of the Pop Science project, sponsored by CERN, the World Poetry Academy and the University of Geneva.