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The reasons that prompted Elon Musk to change the way Tesla cars are delivered

The reasons that prompted Elon Musk to change the way Tesla cars are delivered

Musk is betting on direct experience to drive the adoption of full self-driving for Tesla. (EFE/Reuters)

Elon MuskCEO of TeslaIt implemented a series of significant changes to the way the company's products are delivered to customers, especially with regard to self-driving technology Full Self-Driving (FSD). According to recent reports, the businessman ordered that all new Tesla Submission must be accompanied by a short demonstration of the latest version of the software FSD For customers.

This initiative stems from the need to increase the adoption rate of vehicle functions that allow automatic lane changes, entry and exit from highways, stop sign and traffic signal recognition, and self-parking.

Despite these developments, a licensed driver is still required to monitor the system at all times. Latest version of FSDV12.3.1, began rolling out this month, with Musk promising “three significant improvements released approximately every two weeks,” anticipating significant progress by late April or early May.

The strategy behind this action has a dual intention. On the one hand, it seeks to improve public understanding and awareness of the true capacity of the organization FSD Supervised, which is an aspect that Musk insisted on, noting that “almost no one really realizes how well supervised FSD works.”

On the other hand, when conducting test drives (which is a prerequisite before delivering the car), Tesla It tries to enhance the customer experience by hands-on display of the advanced capabilities of its vehicles.

This new policy also represents a major change in the vehicle delivery process, which has traditionally been characterized by speed and efficiency, reducing delivery-related tasks to avoid bottlenecks in the company's operations. However, the introduction of mandatory driving tests to prove FSD It will significantly increase the workload in stores and delivery centers Tesla.

Every new Tesla owner in North America will get a demo of the Fully Self-Driving software, furthering the company's vision for the future of mobility. (Tesla)

Additionally, this change aligns with the company's referral program incentives. New buyers who purchase a car with a referral code will receive the package for three months Full self-driving Free, which represents a try before Tesla To drive adoption of this technology through first-hand experiences and personal recommendations.

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The implementation of version 12 of the FSD Beta system, with vehicle control powered by neural networks and the future elimination of driver attention requirements, represents a step forward towards the Musk-led company's goal of achieving a true control system. .