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The PS5 Pro aims to have a new feature that will dramatically improve all your games

The PS5 Pro aims to have a new feature that will dramatically improve all your games

AMD's AI upscaling technology could be one of the great features of the PS5 Pro

Everything indicates that 2024 will see the arrival of the PS5 Pro, the console that comes with it Improving technology for the current generation From Sony. The Japanese company did not make any kind of comment on this issue, so we will have to wait for that Junewhen it is expected that a New PlayStation GalleryTo see if they will decide to show the world the new console. However, rumors do not stop happening on the Internet, and one of the latest indications is this Having a great re-measurement technique.

This is what colleagues said PlayStation LifestyleAs it is stated that the PS5 Pro will include AMD AI Upgrade Technology, allowing for an improved appearance of how all video games will look on the new console. “We just completed AI enablement for our entire portfolio: you know, cloud, Edge, PC, our embedded devices and gaming devices.We're working on enabling our gaming hardware to be optimized with AI, and 2024 will be a big year to implement. “Now the foundation is there, and the capabilities are as well,” said Mark Peppermaster, AMD's chief technology officer.

So keeping that in mind The PS5 Pro is the single most powerful console expected this yearIt is likely to include this very interesting technology in the gaming world. For now, logically, that's just it SpeculationSo we will have to see what Sony and AMD's plans are in this regard.

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The PS5 Pro will hit the shelves in November

for now, Rumors about PS5 Pro They claim that the console will be available in the markets next November, so it is scheduled to begin in the coming months to know the first official details of the new console, which Sony will prepare for its landing in the final stages. As we said, PlayStationm Showcase seems to be the most likely scenario So.

So, all we have to do is wait to find out All the news that Sony brings regarding the PS5 Pro And know all the features and functions that the device will include.