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The Princess of Girona Foundation Tour in Alicante ends with science and mentoring as champions

The Princess of Girona Foundation Tour in Alicante ends with science and mentoring as champions

  • On Thursday, April 29, the winner of the Scientific Research Award 2021 will be announced in a hybrid event (12 hours) in the presence of His Majesty the King, in which the winners from previous years and experts will participate to talk about new challenges to science and the importance of mentoring and talent in transformation
  • It will be the last stop of the tour organized by the Foundation to promote educational transformation and professional development programs and announce the winners for 2021
  • In addition, the FPdGi Entrepreneurial Challenge Final will be held, in which more than 250 students from 8 educational centers in the Valencian Community have participated, who have proposed, over a period of four weeks, creative solutions to enhance the scientific careers of young people.
  • The act will be broadcast on www.fpdgi.org And on the foundation’s YouTube channel

The Princess of Girona Foundation will conclude April 29 in the Valencian Community, a tour that this year also passed through La Rioja, Castilla-La Mancha and Aragon. Through this tour, the foundation defines its program activity, proposes discussions of current interests and announces its prize winners. In Alicante, the winner in the Scientific Research category will be announced and added to the already announced list of winners: Veterinarian and Writer Maria Sanchez Rodriguez (Arts and Letters Prize); Co-founder of Goy Gentile Abogados, Lucía Goy Mastromiechele (Business Award) and founder of the non-governmental organization NASCO Feeding Minds, Osman Omar (Social Award). The Foundation is visiting the Valencian Community for the second year in a row after the announcement in Valencia (February 2020) of Robin Dario Costa Riquelme winning this year’s Scientific Research Prize.

The role of science and the importance of science Guidance A talent for transformation is the selected topics for the last leg of the tour, which can be followed directly www.fpdgi.org Or on the Foundation channel on YouTube from 12 noon. The event, which has the support of Aguas de Alicante, will take place in Las Cigarreras, thanks to the cooperation with the city council, and will see the participation of winners from previous years, scholars, employers and youth.

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From 11:30 a.m., His Majesty will attend the appointment at Las Cigarreras de Alicante to learn about the activities that the FPdGi will carry out during the morning, demonstrating once again its commitment to the project and towards the youth. In conjunction with the event and the announcement of the prize winner in the scientific research category, His Majesty the King will meet with some of the winners from previous years, among them the mathematician and physicist, Alberto Ensiso, Researchers Guillermo MingsAnd the Guadalupe Wise s Samuel Sanchez Entrepreneur of life sciences Ignacy Bilda.

His Majesty, accompanied by other parties, members of the Foundation, youth and experts participating in the event, will also visit for a short period the jury meeting, which will be discussed early in the morning, in addition to an innovation workshop with young people. Community Education Centers.

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It is imperative to fill in all required fields. Accreditation should be formal for every person, not for every intermediary. Credits will not be accepted On site On the same day of the event, it is necessary to pre-order it.

Hours and coverage

Thursday, April 29. Las Cigarreras Cultural Center (Calle Sevilla nº2 – 03012, Alicante)

10 AM 10:45 h. – Accreditation collection. Credits will not be accepted On site On the same day as the act.

10 hours – Jury meeting from the Scientific Research category and the start of the Entrepreneurial Challenge workshop

11 – 11:50 hours. – Arrival of the authorities and the institutional tour

12 h. FPDGI * TOUR event begins and prepares the winner of the 2021 Scientific Research Prize

Follow your life www.fpdgi.org Or on FPdGi YouTube

The event, dynamic and visual that simulates the style of a TV program, will present through different blocks the projects in which the entity works, aimed at the professional development of youth and educational transformation, and it will propose topics and discussions of interest that enhance intergenerational communication. Dialogue, today is more necessary than ever, to build a more cooperative and supportive society.

The jury meeting

The event concludes with the announcement of a new winner in the scientific research category for the year 2021, after a meeting A jury of experts Which will be held in the same morning and will be formed by the scientific director of the National Center for Oncology Research (CNIO), Maria Blasco; Researcher at the Center for Research in Molecular Medicine and Chronic Diseases (CIMUS) and Director of the Galician Foundation for Genetic Medicine, Ángel Carracedo; Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at the University of Valencia, Adela Cortina; President of the COTEC Foundation, Christina Garmendia; Head of the government agency of the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), Rosa Menendez; biology Daniel Ramon Vidal; Physicist and Honorary President of the University of Luxembourg, Rolf Tarach; Physicist and founding director of ICFOAnd the Lluís Torner; Chemist and Director of the University of Copenhagen’s Nanoscale Electrophysiological Group, Maria Escudero Escribano (2018 FPdGi Scientific Research Award).

Winners dialogue

This epidemic has shed light on science and showed us its importance in our daily life. This dialogue will be reflected in the lessons learned during COVID-19 and the challenges facing science. Group head forcing Angel SimonHe will speak with some of the winners in the Scientific Research category: Mathematician and Physicist, Alberto Ensiso Currently directs the Group of Differential Equations and Applications at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and is a Research Professor at CSIC; Medical researcher Guadalupe Wise Who directs a research group at the National Cardiovascular Research Center (CNIC) and a researcher in nanotechnology and ICREA research professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Samuel Sanchez. They will think together about the limits of science and lessons learned during a pandemic.

Debate: mobilizing the talents of our youth to build change together through Guidance

Is talent sufficient for success? In an ever-changing society, we all learn from each other. This discussion will be reflected on Guidance. With the participation of the director of the school of guidance, Maria Luisa de Miguel; Director of Talent Attraction and Development at Enagás and Tutor of “Talent Rescuers”, Antonio Manzanera He is a graduate of Psychology and currently a consultant at Think & Action. Mario Garcia Those who participated in the “Talent Savers” program.

The end of the entrepreneurship challenge

Over 250 young people from eight educational centers in the Valencian region worked as a team for four weeks to create creative formulas that advance the young scientific careers. On the morning of April 29th, the four finalists in Alicante will participate in a dynamic project demonstration led by the serial entrepreneur. Xavier Verdiger Under the watchful eye of the residents: recipients of FPdGi Awards in the Scientific Research category Guadalupe Wise s Guillermo Mings; Co-founder of Smart To People Victoria Magadas And IES mentor Johan Carballeira de Bueu, Raquel G. Who participated in the Entrepreneurship Challenge 2020.

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During the event, the winning and finalist team will be announced that they will participate in the “Grand Challenge Final Challenge”, which will be held at the end of the round. The educational centers of the Valencia community that participated in this activity are the Divina Providència Private Foundation, IES Fray Ignacio Barrachina School, San Bartolomé School, IES Cayetano Sempere, Edelweiss School, IES Gabrile Miró, Julio Verne School, IES Pare Arqués Benilloba.

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