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The pictures confirm that Japan reached the moon, but its unit did so in a special way

The pictures confirm that Japan reached the moon, but its unit did so in a special way

It appears that the lunar module experienced complications when landing on our satellite

An image obtained by one of the Japanese rovers on the surface of the moon

Despite what modern conspiracy theories may claim, humans have been sending technology to our satellite for years. However, this is not the first time that the project has ended, as happened with a NASA mission, with an unwanted ending. In this case, Japan reached the moonbut in A Unusual road.

Japanese SLIM module landing on the moon

the a task To carry Slim unitwhich is an abbreviation for Intelligent Lunar Investigation Module successat least according to the information that we will tell you below and according to images such as those shown by agencies such as NASA in publications similar to the ones we show you below these lines.

last January 19he Slim unit it will be Landed on the moon And he was able to do it Place two rovers on its roofwho will be responsible for conducting various investigations for the Japanese Aerospace Agency, known as JAXA.

Yes in deed, From the first moment It was known that Things weren't working rightsince Solar Panels Which includes the unit They didn't get power. And do not load the spacecraft. Days later, one of the deployed rovers appears to provide us with the information needed to find out what really happened.

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As you can see in the image showing the cover of the article Slim unit It didn't land properly, but it seemed to Faces And supported by one of its sides. The rovers, for their part, can move around the module, and the connection between them and Earth is fluid.

Currently, as you can read in the post in which we leave you on these lines, the Slim unit It was found rest And expected That tendency sunrise Reaching the moon is possible Impact on solar panels They are able to download the unit to give it a second chance.

However, a task led to successful Since it was required Checking the accuracy of landing technologyWhich claimed it could lower vehicles with accuracy of up to 100 metres. The SLIM module was able to land 55 meters from the target point, demonstrating the Japanese agency's ability to send vehicles to other worlds.